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Bison, © Aaron Huey / National Geographic Stock

Are America’s Bison Finally Heading Home? »

Tomorrow, Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission will decide whether to keep 68 disease-free, genetically pure bison in quarantine near Yellowstone or return them to tribal lands at Fort Peck and Fort Belknap Indian Reservations.

Defenders’ Spring 2011 Magazine is Here! »

Take a look at the leaner greener Defenders. Check out “A Bird’s Eye View” on climate change to see the startling impacts already occurring. Get some good news on Mexican wolves. And celebrate other wildlife successes thanks to you, our great members and activists.

The Last Lions »

National Geographic presents The Last Lions, a feature documentary that follows a lioness through the wetlands of Botswana as she tries to fight off a pride of invading lions, outsmart a herd of water buffalo, and protect her cubs. This gripping tale of triumph and tragedy opens in theaters this week. Watch the trailer now!

On Photography: The Story Behind the Photo »

One of the most hauntingly beautiful wildlife photographs that I have ever seen graces the Species Spotlight section of the latest issue of Defenders magazine and website. The image, made by National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, is of a Central Asian snow leopard on a snowy night in India’s Ladak’s Hemis High Altitude National Park.