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With MSNBC, Jeff Corwin discusses Defenders’ trip to Gulf »

On a Pensacola beach, with the oil sheen only 5 miles away, Defenders board members and NBC special correspondent Jeff Corwin tells MSNBC that while in the Gulf this week, friend Jamie Rappaport Clark told him, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s like armaggedon.'” Jeff discusses the heartbreaking rescue of wildlife such as brown pelicans, and what the spill means for Gulf habitat.

As oil approaches Pensacola, Jeff Corwin on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” »

As oil approaches the beaches of Pensacola, Defenders board members and NBC special correspondent Jeff Corwin discusses what the oil spill will mean for wetlands in Louisiana. “I pray that what I’ve been seeing in Louisiana does not find its way to the shores of Florida,” he says on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”(See Jeff at 5:20)

A month of failures – and plans for the future »

On the 30-day anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion that has led to what may be one of the worst environmental disasters this country has ever seen, Defenders of Wildlife takes a look at 20 ways the oil industry and our federal government have failed to keep us safe from the dangers that offshore oil and gas drilling poses to wildlife and coastal habitats. We also recommend 10 ways that Congress and the administration can make changes that could help prevent future oil catastrophes and mitigate the impacts of the current crisis.

Resilience »

When a human being ingests poison, some is absorbed in the stomach, and much is distributed to the vital organs by the blood vessels. For the Earth, the constant motion of water through its passageways can take oil and chemical dispersants to its most vulnerable and essential systems. Last night, a flight over some of the coastal wetlands and barrier islands of the Gulf of Mexico brought home the terror of this reality.