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Low-Carbon Living in Denmark »

Defenders International Director Karen Baragona travels to Denmark for a climate change conference and shares valuable insights on transportation, clean energy and more.

Red Hot and… Greasy? »

It’s another Red Hot and Green Friday, and this week we’re greasing up for sage grouse! Read on to see how the waste from your French fries can get you moving and cut your carbon footprint at the same time.

Carpooling for Caribou »

It’s another Red Hot and Green Friday, and this week Aimee’s carpooling for caribou! She knows that a major way to cut back on the use of climate change-causing fossil fuels is to move differently.

Red Hot and Green Videos Are Coming In! »

It’s been one week since we asked YOU to show us what you’re doing to help wildlife already feeling the heat from climate change, and the videos are streaming in! On this Red Hot and Green Friday, icy habitats at both ends of the globe are thrown a life vest, as well as the animals who call them home.

Species Spotlight: Canada Lynx »

A glimpse of its stubby tail or tufted ears and you may mistake a Canada lynx for its bobcat cousin, but this big cat is more adept at navigating the deep, snow-packed forests of Canada and a handful of our northern states, including Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota and Maine.