Christening, tern style »

  Least terns make up for in moxy what they lack in size. As I walked along the edge of a Gulfport, Mississippi, beach where terns were nesting, a whole cadre of bird-chaperones cautioned me to “watch it suckah!” A group of the tiny white birds hovered a few feet over my head, occasionally charging…. Read more »

Drinking out of a fire hose – life on wildlife rescue barges »

What a day! It was a long, hot and eventful one for Cindy, Krista and me as we continued our journey through south Louisiana bearing witness to the Gulf oil disaster. We headed out early for Venice to hook up with Jeff Corwin, on contract with NBC news as their environmental correspondent for the next year, and a great board member of Defenders of Wildlife. Also on the day’s expedition was Joel Sartore, an award winning National Geographic photographer, on assignment to document the wildlife impacts of the spill for a Nat Geo feature this fall.

To CNN, expert Richard Charter says… »

In an interview with CNN, Defenders’ expert Richard Charter discusses the chemical dispersants being applied to the Gulf oil spill by BP and the potential negative impacts they may have on Gulf wildlife such as fish and sea turtles. “This industry needs to wake-up and get serious about safety,” he says. (See Richard’s interview at 2:51)