Defenders pulls coup, places seabird observer among first cruises to spill zone in deepwater Gulf »

For weeks now, scientists from many disciplines have been eager to get their first glimpse of the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the remotest corners of the Gulf of Mexico. Seabird biologists have been especially frustrated at being confined to shore – they well know that many of the marine birds most vulnerable to oil are only found far from land, well out of view. They needed a lucky break to get on the water, as the incredible demand for ships has made passenger space for scientists vanishingly scarce.

Oil spill threatens wildlife and outdoor recreation »

It’s big. It’s bad. And it’s coming to the coastlines of some of America’s best beaches. I wish I were talking about a Jimmy Buffett tour, instead of the ongoing Gulf oil spill. Who hasn’t seen the headlines about British Petroleum’s failed attempts at capping the gushing flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico… Read more »