A Call to Action »

Defenders Online Campaigns Director Chris Burley reports from the Washington, DC Hands Across the Sand event in Washington DC… with a call to action to stop offshore drilling that threatens our wildlife.

Gov. Jindal’s attacks out of line »

Jamie Clark said, “Gov. Jindal has brazenly disregarded the parameters of the dredging permit issued by the federal government, putting in jeopardy the very islands and sensitive coastline he claims to be protecting. The permit specifically notes that the dredge materials cannot be taken from the shoreline of the vulnerable Chandeleur Islands, based on recent science used to expedite the governor’s request, yet Jindal has done just that.”

News Roundup: Hands Across the Sand goes international »

This Saturday, people across the world will join hands in solidarity against increased offshore drilling operations. What began as a small event in Florida, taking place last February, has now become an international phenomenon in light of the ongoing Gulf oil disaster. Today’s roundup takes a look at just some of the press the event has already drummed up.

Lost at sea? Gulf seabirds at risk »

The news is full of pictures of some of the victims of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster—oiled pelicans, gannets and shorebirds that have died, or in some cases, been rescued. But the list of birds in the path of the oil spill is long, and includes a number of “pelagic” species—those that spend most of their lives far out at sea, out of the public eye. The danger to them may be less visible, but it is no less real.