Q&A with Richard Charter: Hurricane season »

The danger of Tropical Storm Bonnie has passed, but hurricane season in the Gulf region not yet come to an end. What could happen should a storm surge or hurricane hit the Gulf coast? Defenders senior policy advisor and offshore drilling expert Richard Charter says, “It is possible that a heavy surge, which is almost like a small tsunami or a large high tide, could carry more oil further into the marshes of Louisiana… we could see oil carried further inland than we’ve previously seen, into sensitive bays, estuaries and river mouths.”

The House of Representatives passes the CLEAR Act, taking a landmark step toward fixing our broken offshore drilling system »

On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 3534, the CLEAR Act, in response to the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Jamie Rappaport Clark, executive vice president of Defenders of Wildlife said that with the passage, “The House of Representatives voted to start reforming the offshore drilling industry and to protect and restore coastal communities, wetlands and wildlife and help prevent the next offshore oil disaster.”

Q&A with expert Richard Charter: Status of the spill »

While in DC, Defenders senior policy analyst and offshore drilling expert Richard Charter took the time to answer some questions on cameria about the current status of BP’s Macondo well and the ongoing disaster in the Gulf. Click on the links below to see Richard’s video responses to some of our most pressing questions.

Speak Up! features Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders in the Gulf »

Speak Up! – a program on WomensRadio – invites women, and also men, who “speak” to women in terms of their values, their goals and their strong sense of community, to address issues, opportunities and successes that need to be heard by a larger audience of women leaders. This week, Speak Up! featured Defenders’ executive vice president Jamie Rappaport Clark, highlighting Defenders’ response to the oil disaster and her experiences on the ground in the Gulf.