Putting people to work in the Gulf »

Representative Raul Grijalva has a great idea for putting idled oil rig workers and other Gulf area residents to work and protect the Gulf environment at the same time: force oil companies to hire people to dismantle abandoned oil rigs and other drilling structures in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil companies are required by law… Read more »

Reflections on the water »

See an interview with Defenders chief scientist Chris Haney as he reflects on his recent trip down to the Gulf, carrying out a project aboard NOAA’s “Nancy Foster” as part of an official federal response to the Gulf oil disaster. “Looking at the oil as the sun broke the horizon, it was a rainbow sheen of oil as far as you could see. It was, quite honestly, the ugliest ocean water I’ve ever seen.”

Finding creative ways to help save wildlife »

After seeing tragic images of oiled wildlife in the Gulf, the creative wheels in Joyce’s head began turning. She began crafting a beaded necklace – an already 15 foot long piece of art comprised of round and animal-shaped beads – that she plans to auction off in October. The money Joyce raises from the auction will then be donated to Defenders of Wildlife in the effort to support animals threatened by oil.