Steve Forrest

Rockies & Plains Senior Representative

Steve’s work for Defenders focuses on black-footed ferret, prairie dog and bison conservation in the Great Plains, as well as conservation of the region’s habitat.

Posts By: Steve Forrest

Black-footed ferret, © Kylie Paul/Defenders

Homecoming »

Not terribly long ago, the black-footed ferret vanished from the wild. Today, experts are making plans to return this endangered species to the same site where humans once thought we had seen the very last of this iconic prairie creature.

Yellowstone bison, © Steven Lopez

The Bison Are Back! »

This year, another location has joined the list of places restoring wild bison! Ten bison, descendants of wild Yellowstone National Park bison, were reintroduced to Soapstone Prairie Natural Area, in Colorado.

Prairie dogs, © Rob Englehardt

A Prairie Dog “Ranch” »

In June, Defenders representatives worked on the American Prairie Reserve to expand prairie dog colonies. We wanted to make new habitat more prairie dog friendly, to encourage prairie dogs to move into this new area, and to protect the growing colony from plague.