Lauren McCain

Federal Lands Policy Analyst

Lauren works to defend, strengthen, and expand federal law, policy and management that conserve wildlife and habitat on federal lands.

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Canada lynx, © Barbara Woodmansee

Lynx, Bunnies, and Beetles: A Tale from Colorado’s Rio Grande National Forest »

When we recently visited the Rio Grande National Forest in southern Colorado, researchers from the U.S. Forest Service shared that they had just discovered a den of lynx kittens. This excellent news is evidence that the secretive forest cats are continuing to make a living on this national forest, even though their habitat is radically changing in the Southern Rockies.

forest, © Lindsay Kaun

Where the Wildlife Lives »

If the phrase “forest planning” makes you snore … wake up! The stakes are high for the critters that call national forest lands home. This is the perfect chance to make sure that our national forests are managed not just for uses like timber and recreation, but as the vital wildlife habitat they are.