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Tule Lake, © American West Conservation

Walking Wetlands »

What do you do when there’s only so much land, but both farmers and wildlife want to use it? A new approach is finding that when wetlands “walk,” everybody wins!

California's Central Valley, © Mark James Miller

New Flood Plan Benefits All »

Defenders of Wildlife joined with several organizations to encourage California’s Central Valley Flood Protection Board to adopt an ambitious new flood plan that can improve habitat for wildlife.

Chinook salmon, © USFWS

Levee Clear-cut Battle in CA Heats Up »

The Army Corps is aiming to strip some 1,600 miles of levees in California of trees and bushes over the next few years, which spells bad news for imperiled wildlife in the Golden State.

Opposition to Army Corps Levee Clear-cut Policy Grows »

Defenders was the first to stand up to the Army Corps of Engineers’ misguided levee vegetation removal policy, filing a lawsuit in 2011 to stop the clear cutting of California’s levees. But in the fight to save the levee trees across the nation, our ranks are growing.

Slippery California Salamander May Soon be Underwater »

The endangered limestone salamander lives nowhere else in the world except in the lower Merced River region of California. But if a local hydropower company has its way, crucial habitat for this slippery salamander will soon be underwater.