Eliza Cava

Policy Analyst, Renewable Energy & Wildlife

Eliza works to help implement the renewable energy program activities to help promote Smart from the Start renewable energy development. She engages in national and regional policy development, internal and external outreach activities, energy efficiency and conservation, and national geothermal energy issues.

Posts By: Eliza Cava

Bighorn sheep, © Gary Stolz/USFWS

Long Lines, Smart Lines: Planning Wildlife-Friendly Corridors for Renewable Energy Transmission »

Just as we work hard to ensure that renewable energy generation plants are built “Smart from the Start,” Defenders is working to ensure that these new transmission corridors are also designed right and traverse our treasured landscapes with as little impact as possible on those lands, the habitats they encompass, and the wildlife that rely on them.

California desert, © California BLM

Lost and Found in the Desert »

Building solar projects in the right places can mean a clean source of energy AND minimal impacts on vulnerable wildlife species and their habitat. We’re excited to see that this project is working to do exactly that!

Solar panels, © Brookhaven National Laboratory

More than Megawatts »

As America moves to cut emissions of carbon pollution and reduce climate change, we will need to move away from fossil fuels and rely on renewable sources of energy. But it takes more than megawatts to be good stewards of our planet. How does the President’s new plan stack up?