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Habitat in harm’s way: national wildlife refuges and the Gulf oil disaster »

The 38 national wildlife refuges bordering the Gulf of Mexico are havens for a remarkable variety of birds, sea turtles, marine mammals and other wildlife—including at least 27 threatened or endangered species. Many of these refuges, and the native plants and animals they harbor, are in the path of spreading oil from BP’s Deepwater Horizon… Read more »

News Roundup: Expert Richard Charter says… »

Richard Charter, senior policy advisor at Defenders, said the risks involved with offshore oil and gas drilling have very little to do with the depth of the water. In a interview with WBAI Evening News, he recalled the recent disaster in Australia’s Timor Sea, in which a rig blowout led to a spill that gushed unchecked for 10 weeks. That rig was operating “in very shallow water, only a few hundred feet.”

Bad timing for bluefin »

From the perspective of bluefin tuna, the oil spill could hardly have come at a worse time or place. May is their peak spawning time, and one of the two areas where most larva concentrate lies directly in the path of the spill.