Trump’s Budget, a Complete Disaster for Wildlife and the Environment

President Trump’s long-awaited full budget was released recently and it is evident that the details of his much-anticipated and repeatedly touted draconian cuts to government programs rely heavily on stripping away environmental protections. Among the most alarming propositions contained in the budget is the president’s proposal to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling and (no surprise) fund his infamous border wall.  The so-called “New Foundation for American Greatness” budget will in fact destabilize and dismantle critical conservation programs, human health regulations, clean air and water programs, scientific research, and climate change initiatives—a “great” America is the last thing this budget will create.  Moreover, in many cases, the cuts are even worse than shown in the President’s budget since the budget documents were compared to the temporary spending bill (the fiscal year 2017 Continuing Resolution) that was in effect up until May of this year. The final FY 2017 omnibus appropriations bill—signed in May—provided increases for many conservation programs.

Click here to download our 2018 Trump Budget Breakdown.

5 Responses to “Trump’s Budget, a Complete Disaster for Wildlife and the Environment”

  1. Dawn Casteel-Lorick

    Wildlife are already struggling from the massive overpopulation of humans and now they are under further, continued assault.
    Tell me, Mr, Trump, how glorious does your money appear at sunrise? How haunting is the howl of dollars on a mountaintop?
    How magnificent is the ocean breach of cold, hard cash?

  2. Linda ward

    Someone PLEASE corral this president s attack on the environment. His plans for pipelines, roads and cuts on our environment is a plan for the destruction of our beautiful country. No other president attacked the land like this bozo.

  3. Linda ward

    Don’t let Trump develop the entire country into a manufacturing and money making empire.

  4. Donald Talley

    Mr . Trump ,
    You don’t deserve to be called President . You have become an embarrassment to every President to serve this country before you . I only hope and pray that you will one day soon be convinced by your family or suddenly develope a conscience and resign . May God forgive you for what you want to do to the environment .

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