Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up: 03/03/2017

Your weekly roundup of wildlife news from across the country.

Yaqui catfish are on the brink of extinction:
Even with cooperative efforts by federal officials and local ranchers, the Yaqui Catfish are more in danger than ever because the Endangered Species Act’s future remains unclear.

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Environmental education could be threatened:
There are efforts to undermine science education as a number of state level bills are being introduced and voted on that would allow for academic freedom when teaching about climate change and other scientific theories.

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Amphibian Survival Alliance’s Frogress Report:
Check out the February newsletter from an alliance we are proud to be a part of, including articles on protected areas for amphibians and 2016 year in review.

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Global warming is drying up the Colorado River:
Volume projections could signal big problems for the 40 million people depending on the 246,000-square-mile basin.

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Another plan could be the Trump administration’s next target:
The Clean Power Plan could be the next set of rules repealed by an executive order and Energy Policy Simulator analyzed the effects of repealing it would cost the US $600 billion and cause 120,000 premature deaths.

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Another death for an endangered species:
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation has reported a 4th panther death in 2017.

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Our Defenders in Action –


On February 17th, our colleagues attended The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition for the first time and set up shop in the bustling Conservation Tent to introduce our organization and our mission to visitors. The three-day event showcases the southern-style of love for wildlife and nature through art, education, and outreach.