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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

Oregon Wolves Headed Towards Delisting? Seven years ago there was not a single wolf in Oregon. At last count at the end of 2013, there were more than 64 wolves in the state. Thanks to protections afforded by the state and federal Endangered Species Acts and Oregon’s strong state management plans, today wolves in Oregon are making a steady comeback. Preliminary counts of the state’s wolf population (official counts are expected in March) show that Oregon’s wolf population could have as many as four breeding pairs in the state – for the third year in a row. A “breeding pair” is a pair of adult wolves which produce at least two pups that survive to the end of each year, a strong indicator of the population’s overall health. But maintaining more than four breeding pairs for three consecutive years is one of the criteria that could trigger a delisting of gray wolves in Oregon under the state’s Endangered Species Act. Defenders is thrilled to see this population of wolves continue to recover, but just because one criterion for state delisting has been met (i.e. the number of breeding pairs), Oregon shouldn’t automatically remove wolves from the list of state protected species. There are several criteria, such as whether the rules governing the management of wolves offer enough protection, that need to be evaluated before experts can determine if wolves can safely be removed from the state endangered species list. Defenders will continue to encourage Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to conduct a neutral and unbiased status review once any of the criteria have been met to assess the wolves’ overall population health in Oregon.

Gray Wolf, © Gary Schultz

Anti-Wolf Bills Proposed in Washington State. Public hearings in the Washington State legislature next Thursday February 5th could mean big problems for Washington’s wolf management plan. Both the House and the Senate are considering a series of bills that could severely undercut how wolf recovery is governed going forward. Five separate bills will be heard by the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee that would weaken protections for wolves in the state, including one to authorize increased lethal control of wolves and another to delist wolves in large portions of the state. Just next door, the Natural Resources and Parks Committee in the state senate will consider a companion bill that would also authorize delisting wolves in much of the state. If you are a local resident, tell your Representative that you oppose these bills, and if you live close to Olympia, come out and testify next Thursday at these 1:30pm public hearings! The House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee hearings will be held in Hearing Room B in the John L. O’Brien Building. The Senate hearing will take place at the same time and will be held in Senate Hearing Room 1 in the J.A. Cherberg Building.

13 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Lori Stamp-Brown

    I want to see the Rogue pack in Oregon flourish and thrive. If they are removed from protection, they will become targets. Talk is cheap, and posting comments and expressing your frustration on Facebook is not enough. People need to contact Congress to express their concern. They need to hear from us!!! Time is running out.

  2. zach zitzow

    1) only hunt what you are going to eat, and no one even wants to eat wolf!

    2) barley a 100 of any species is NOT a healthy population

    3) before you complain that wolves kill elk, remember wolves are to elk like African lions are to antelope
    4) if you really do want to “save the elk” then ban all hunting seasons

    • Linda Sabino

      I so very much agree with you, good points thanks’ for having a voice for the Wolf.

  3. Packprincess

    Your chances of encountering a wolf in the NW is next to zero. That is completely absurd to have an anti wolf bill in Washington. People need to stop reading them scary bed time stories, wolves are no threat to humans. Leave the wolves alone in peace.

  4. Darla Daniel-Seabolt

    Wolves are essential to all wildlife habitat, they keep all animals and habitat on the appropriate course. They keep the Forrest, Rivers, and Animals healthy and Strong! Without them it will reverse all habitat for the worst!! #StandforWolves

  5. Linda Sabino

    I so agree.. Yes only hunt what you are going to eat and no one eats Wolf.
    And having barely a 100 of any species is most definitely not a health population, Yes Wolves do kill Elk But they also maintain a health population of Elk, like in Arica, the lions maintain the antelope herds, the only reason the Elk numbers decline is from over hunting by humans.
    Hunting and trapping of all animals should be out lawed through out America and any other country that thinks is Sport.

  6. Georgia neal

    Please do not take away the protection of the wolf they are a neede part of nature they are not our enemy ,stop the slaughter of the wolf the are intelligent Beautful animals let them be!!!

  7. Dianna Posner

    Washington State has no business even considering any wolf management that entails killing! I’m sick and tired of hearing how they’re going to or are killing all the elk. If that is so, please explain to me why they culled the elk on the Olympic Pennisula last fall. People did nothing but complain about the elk eating their flowers or into their gardens, so they culled them. And elk are not native to here, yet the wolves were already extincted here in the late 20’s, and now you want to do it again. This is not management but the attempt to exterminate a species for no better reason than greed and dirty deals, made without the taxpayers consent. At this point there is not one politician in this state I’d vote for. I use to believe they were for preserving our wildlife, but that’s not what I’ve been seeing.

  8. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation

    You bureaucratic infidels are the ones who should be rendered EXTINCT!!

  9. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation

    Warriors, I think it’s time for a revolution in a full-scale
    uprising against the state government and forcibly remove
    these politicians from office, place them under citizens arrest
    and have them prosecuted, convicted, and severely punished
    for their crimes against Nature and high treason against
    the people of the state and the nation!!
    Since they’ve gone against the will of the people,
    then they must be held criminally accountable.
    Therefore, beloved warriors…
    I recommend organizing a rally at the steps of the
    Capitol building and put these bureaucratic knuckleheads
    on notice for their crimes against Nature as well as their acts
    of high treason against the will of the people, and take whatever means
    of action necessary in removing these corrupt politicians, bureaucrats,
    and their special interest cronies from power
    and have them brought them to justice!!!

  10. Mike Collins

    Our best course of action is,To do everything within our power as voters
    and taxpaying law abiding citizens of this beautiful and wild state to educate
    other residents as to the facts as they relate to nature and ecology and the
    gray wolf..what i mean by that is simply”take any and all avenues available
    be it through litigation or petitions or by protest be Public in you’re blatant
    opposition to this ridiculous nonsense immediately” do not wait until we are
    forced into reacting this time? please Oregonians stand with us now for the
    greater good of all Oregonians and the Wilderness we Value as it Exists in
    Tact and Pristine with all present and accounted for!! “Because Wolves are
    why this State is Now So Abundantly Loaded with Herbivores” PERIOD!!.

  11. Natalie Buck

    wolfs are more than furry bunny eaters.says my partner.kaden U.

  12. Martha Welch

    from wolves get dogs and they give so much unconditional love

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