Wolf, © Michael S. Quinton, National Geographic Stock

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up

Victory for Wyoming’s Wolves: This week we won a major victory in Wyoming when a federal judge reinstated Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for gray wolves in the state! It’s wonderful news and will be the difference between life and death for countless gray wolves in Wyoming. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) delisted gray wolves in Wyoming in 2012. We have been working on this issue in the courts since 2012 claiming that the delisting violated the terms of the ESA. And this week we won! But much work remains. We expect Wyoming, the Service and perhaps even Congress to work to overturn this victory. But this week’s court ruling makes it clear that the Service violated federal law in carelessly approving Wyoming’s flawed wolf management plan. Stay tuned.

Mexican gray wolf and pup, © Joel SartoreThank You For Standing Up For Mexican Gray Wolves! We asked and you answered! 50,563 Defenders members submitted comments to the Service in response to its proposed plan to change the way Mexican gray wolves are managed. Although the Service’s proposal does some good by creating new release sites and giving the wolves more room to roam, it ultimately would make recovery impossible by allowing more wolves to be killed and keeping them out of the habitats they need to recover. The comment period closed this Tuesday, but the huge number of submitted comments on this proposal proves one thing: one of Defenders’ greatest assets is the conviction and dedication of its members. Thank you for your tireless work and support in protecting America’s wildlife!

8 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Lisa Griffin

    Love the photo of the little black wolf! Wish I could see the face! Love to read! Thanks for the info! I always pass it along because others should be aware”

  2. Packprincess

    Thank you Defenders of Wildlife for help getting Federal Protection back to the Wolves in Wyoming!! My favorite charity!!

  3. Marc J. Driftmeyer

    I absolutely loved reading this news from my email box about Wyoming. I’m retweating this and facebook posting after I write this down. Congratulations for a victory in sanity. What is enjoying the great outdoors of the wild is no longer present and protected?

    Our children’s children should be able to film herds of Wolves, Bison, Mountain Lions, Rams, etc., to share for the ages and not as an exhibit at the Smithsonian.

  4. John

    As a life long Wyoming native, I am so happy that this came to action, if saddened that the progress did not come from our own state’s efforts. However, thank you to any American who took part in petitions and efforts to get this to federal attention; you contributed a great deal to this. Of course, the efforts to overturn this have begun before the ink dried, but at least stemming the tide of the brutality and hate towards this beautiful and interesting animal is a first step. Thank you from Wyoming.

  5. Dr Isha Mazer Sp attache to the Regents

    When is “no” enough? Yesterday the State of Wyoming/The Safari Club/THE NRA were all told for the umpteenth time “No” not now, not then …NEVER> you can go back to sitting on your bar stool eating crap food (curly fries & cheeseburgers on white buns) drinking your crap beer (Canned Hamm’s of PBR’s) , watching your crap sports media and allowing your mind to be further poisoned, wearing your honky white ass hunting clothes from your area nearest Big Box..but you can’t..YOU CAN NOT kill/murder/shoot or take grey wolves in your very own homestate of Wyoming. The message goes beyond the typical “shit fer brains” communique to the demented honky white trash Wyoming is littered with..its a exposition on how stupid & idiotic the white male hierarcy is there. Having failed for the umpteenth time to reign over your lands legendary predator. this federal judicial ruling put a “nail in your coffin” once and fer all, declaring the entire huunting/ranching/cattle society one of the biggest bunch of losers in America today. There is no end to the JUBILATION here at our fellowship over the Judges confirmation and rejection to your mobs request for a temporary injuction…you all should be out in a hippie concentration camp and force to wear bell bottoms & beads and eat amazake and organic broccoli. Even Magic mushroom tea may not be enough when your in there to transform your ossified minds and OSSIFIED COLONS that are impacted with lifetimes of impacted and decaying fecal matter. Your efforts to eliminate the Noble Grey Wolve nation can be likened to just how much “crap” is trapped in your colons. Should we exticated it , in fact , and send it, instead of coal from your coal mines in Cheyenne? LONG LIVE THE VALOROUS GREY WOLVE NATION

  6. Robert Smith

    as an Arizona residents there is nothing that beats hearing a wild WOLF HOWLING IN THE NIGHT AN KWOWING HE IS SAFE FROM GUNS AND TRAPS when you go up north into our mountains to here a true wild wolf howl and know he is safe from the Idiot minorities that think they have the right to kill any and all of GODS creatures because they can shoot a gun or set a trap is so wrong. and this the one tenth percent minority should be not able to have the say over what animals are hunted. the total 100% should have the say

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