Gray Wolf, © Joan Poor

Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

A Great Day in California for Gray Wolves: After initial pushback earlier this year, the California Fish and Game Commission has voted to establish state endangered species act protections for gray wolves under the California Endangered Species Act. With recent discussions by scientists and stakeholders about the imminent return of gray wolves to the Golden State, the Commission has taken an important step towards continued wolf recovery in the Pacific West. The Commission will have a second vote in August to ratify this week’s decision; we encourage the Commissioners to stay on course and to keep wolves protected under the California’s Endangered Species Act.…. We’ll keep you update on voting when it occurs in August here.

Wolf, © Didier J. Lindsey

© Didier J. Lindsey

Pamela Flick, California representative for Defenders of Wildlife, responded to this win for wolves by saying, “The Commission has really shown leadership in wildlife conservation with this decision, which is terrific news for the future of wolves in our state. Gray wolves are just beginning to make their way back to California and these iconic, highly endangered animals deserve as much protection in our state as the law can provide. We are so grateful that the Fish and Game Commission has voted to establish those protections.” This decision comes on the heels of discovering that a new wolf pack is forming in southern Oregon near the California border – see below!

Mexican gray wolf pup, © USFWS

A Mexican gray wolf pup howling.

Wandering Wolf OR-7 Fathers Wolf Pups Just in Time for Father’s Day! According to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, after more than two years of searching, the lone wolf OR-7 has found a mate, and he recently fathered at least two pups! Not only did OR-7 finally form a pack, but his pups signify the first known wolf reproduction in the Oregon Cascades since the mid-1940s!  Previously, OR-7 had been known for being the first wolf in California since 1924. Longtime advocate of wolf recovery efforts in the country, Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon released a statement saying, “This is great news, but the critical federal protections that have allowed OR-7 to start his new pack are in jeopardy. As we celebrate OR-7 and his new family, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is threatening to disregard science and take the gray wolf off the Endangered Species list.” A decision on the federal delisting of gray wolves will be made by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service later this year.

Stop the War on Wolves

Stop the war on wolves!

Defenders Cracks Down on Governor Otter’s War on Wolves: This week Defenders of Wildlife launched a comprehensive advertising campaign pressuring Idaho’s Governor “Butch” Otter to end his statewide war on gray wolves. The state demanded a chance to manage the wolves within their borders, but they are blowing it! Since Idaho took over the management of its wolves in 2009, the state’s wolf population has declined 23 percent. Defenders’ “war on wolves” campaign includesradio ads, press statements,  infographics, a petition letter to Governor Otter, and a new webpage calling attention to the destruction Idaho has brought to its wolf population. Local shop owners in Boise are already showing their support by hanging posters of our infographic in their shop windows. The “war on wolves” is becoming a media hotspot, generating attention from Huffington PostCNNHigh Country News, Living Green Magazine and Boise Weekly. Click here to see what action you can take to support the campaign and say “NO” to Governor Otter’s senseless and costly war on wolves.

Wolves, © Montana FWP

(courtesy MFWP)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Offers Reward for Information on Wolf Poached in the Bitterroot Valley: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is looking for tips on a wolf that was reportedly poached on Saturday, May 31 in the Burnt Fork area of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.  Wildlife biologists estimate that the wolf’s time of death was between 6:00pm and 9:00pm that evening, based on what was recorded by the wolf’s GPS collar. The wolf was collared in Oregon in 2013 and had made its way through Idaho and the Big Hole Valley before arriving in the Bitterroot earlier this month.  Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call 1-800-TIP-MONT (1-800-847-6668). Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 for providing information that leads to a conviction.


17 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Alexander Yeung

    Let end this war on wolves and protect them from delusional self minded people.

    • Daniel

      What is it about the eyes (and touching them) that makes pelpoe cringe? I’m not disagreeing with you in the least, just simply wondering if it’s because it’s such a vulnerable area?! I feel the same way about fingernails. For some reason I can not watch them being removed!



  3. Dawn Pollock

    We all need to keep protecting and defending these beautiful animals.

  4. Veronica

    Now they are poaching wolves! wots wrong wiv our world? It is full of sadistic barbaric murdering wolf haters scum!

  5. Alexander Yeung

    There are other people who lack of understanding environment and some blind with blood and greed that doesn’t care or too stubborn and ignorance to listen.

  6. Alexander Yeung

    Everyone there is a donation of wolves that they put a pro-wolf ad on idaho newspaper ads. That will give state of idaho a shocking wake up calls that wolf haters and anti-wolf activists a clear message to kill every wolves on sight in next 5 years. Please persuade your friend, family, and anyone you knew to donate money to get this ads to protect the idaho wolves. We can’t let this happen. We can’t let this no good nkthing ignorant wolf haters a victory spot. Let give them a message of our own, “We won’t let you destroy an innocently wolves and other iconic species of your misleading false believe.”

  7. Alexander Yeung

    Oh yeah. I forgot to add something very important. The pro-wolf ads and donation for it will end at june 17 I believe. Let make this happen.

  8. Alexander Yeung

    Sorry I mislook it . The donation of pro wolf ads is end at june 16th. Sorry about the confussion I just remind whoever read the comments.

  9. mike keppler

    I think you should go to Yellowstone and see no elk, deer moose and a few buffalo.
    I took my family last summer to enjoy a great national treasure and we saw a pack of wolf’s tair apart a baby elk still alive. We went to enjoy all the wild animals, but saw a most none and I can tell you where they went after seeing that. So I know most of your rehabilitation projects are good sporting such killers is not one of them

  10. Concerned Idahoan

    Mike Keppler — anecdotal evidence is not evidence at all. No predators–not even wolves–hunt their own prey into extinction. Basic science. “No predator has ever eliminated its food,” as noted by Scott Creel, MSU ecologist and actual expert on predator-prey relationships. Go look him up.

    So no, you can’t “tell [me] where they went after seeing that.” I may be wrong, but you’re just a regular guy with no formal training who is basing his ‘hypothesis’ on a single trip taken with his family, not for the purpose of studying ungulate populations.

    If you want to see a quick video on how wolves HELP Yellowstone, I suggest this one:

    One final note. Of course wolves are killers. That’s what all carnivores do, yourself included. If you want to complain about carnivores who are destroying entire populations, why don’t you read about the effects of CAFOs on the entire planet?

    I do not think you’re a bad person, but please have your facts straight. Organizations like Defenders, CBD, and others are working very hard to protect keystone species for the benefit of all. Their worked is based on science, not anecdotal evidence, folklore, and unwarranted fear. If you truly are a supporter of Defenders, stop perpetuating the false belief that wolves are mindless killers who have no value.

  11. Olivia

    I am a kid and I read this blog because I care much about wolves. Governer “Butch” Otter is a terrible sick man who needs to be stopped! I am so glad people are taking action for wolves! Personally I used some money I had to help red wolves but that was before I knew that grey wolves were being killed horribly too! Sometimes I wonder how people like Otter even came to EXIST, I mean really, who can be THAT horrible, what was that guys childhood like? I don’t even want to know! And I will never ever set foot in Idaho if that man still lives. I just hope wolves will come through and survive.

  12. Mark Porter

    Without camp wolves we as a species would not have been able to grow , they gave us protection and have been around since before the ice age.Despite the popular belief of wolves being a threat to humans it is generally the other way round. The mind boggles how a trophy hunter can can get a kick out of these beautiful animals. Keep up the good work defenders.

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