Mexican Gray Wolf, © Scott S. Warren / National Geographic Stock

Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

You Did It! Public Outcry Prompts Animal Planet to Remove “Man-Eating Super Wolves” Show: Animal Planet removed it’s outrageous and damaging “Man-Eating Super Wolves” episode from the network’s Monster Week late-week line up after more than 80,000 Defenders of Wildlife members and other activists contacted the network in outrage over the episode. The episode was aired once on Wednesday, May 21, and was then taken down from the station’s programming. Animal Planet claims the show was only scheduled to air once, but various TV schedules showed “Man-Eating Super Wolves” had subsequent air times for Sunday, May 25; Tuesday, May 27; and Wednesday, May 28. Thankfully, these air times were removed from further programming.Wolf, © John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk / National Geographic Stock In response, Defenders of Wildlife President and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark said: There are real-world consequences to airing a fictitious portrayal of wolves based on sensationalism instead of on science. Demonizing wolves does serious harm to these imperiled animals and erodes public support for their continued recovery. We’re glad to see that Animal Planet dropped this episode from its schedule and are proud that our members spoke out so forcefully on this important topic.” A big thank you to all of our members for speaking up for these too-often misunderstood and demonized animals!!

Defenders Wolf Expert Suzanne Stone Shares Her Story: Suzanne Stone is Defenders’ senior representative for the Rockies and Plains and has worked as a wolf and livestock conflict prevention Wolf after release, © ODFWexpert for over 25 years. She was also one of the original recovery team members to actually restore wolves to Yellowstone and Idaho. Take a look at her latest blog in High Country News for her perspective on Idaho’s war on wolves. In her own words: “…What is truly destructive is that [Idaho’s] state officials seem bent on perpetuating a culture of fear and loathing toward wolves. They repeat gruesome tales from mythology and fail to tell the true, full story about successful ranching in the presence of wolves, or the many reasons why the elk population has declined. And counter to the media hype over wolf attacks, livestock losses to wolves have always ranked among the lowest causes of livestock loss in the West.”

Wenaha wolf pups, © ODFW

Pups from Oregon’s Wenaha Pack.

Alaska Firefighters Rescue Wolf Pups Threatened by Fire:  News broke this week that Alaska firefighters helped rescue a young litter of wolf pups stranded close to an encroaching fire in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. A firefighter reported hearing the cries of a wolf pup on Tuesday, and wildlife biologists came to rescue the abandon pups shortly after. Right now the pups are being cared for at the Alaska Zoo. Check out some adorable photos and video from NBC News.

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15 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Marilyn Williams

    How can this state be so ignorant. Are they all illiterate/uneducated. We know they are too lazy to coexist. Must be the Koch’s pulling the puppet strings.

  2. Natalie Kruse

    It makes no sense to keep attacking and blaming Idaho. You should blame the politicians and specific people who are promoting the slaughter of wolves and not make general statements. Not all Idahoans want wolves dead. In fact, if you took a poll I bet those who do are in the minority.

  3. Barbara

    I think Animal Planet should remove a number of their shows. It’s clear to me that are not defenders of wildlife but uses wildlife for sensationalism and ratings.

  4. Tim Cammers

    I agree with you on everything you said about Animal planet! In fact I wrote them 5 times about that super man eating wolf and told them that there facts are wrong in fact those people on there are being paid by the governments to say false stuff that is not true. Second I was very happy to hear some good news on the wolf with the firefighters saving the wolf pups this is what makes me happy that there are a very few people that care. We need more like these firefighters out there. There needs to be more of a understanding between wolf and man and we need to work together we share with world and these wars between man and wildlife needs to end. We are apart of this world and need to share if we are going to live together. But it seems to be more humans that can’t share with my wolf brothers and sisters then it is wolf’s. I personally think it’s time for those humans that can’t share and want to start something all the time to grow up and stop acting like children! I will keep on fighting were ever evil maybe and will fight until my wolf brothers and sisters of free of this evil along with helping all other animals too! I stand strong!

  5. Sylvie

    J’adore les loups pour leur façon de vivre leur beauté.. etc
    Je me bat pour expliquer aux personnes qui m’entoure qu’ il n’est pas un animal comme les autres

  6. Rosanna P Brost

    This is so awesome, I was so relieved when I saw this! <3 Thank you for all that you do Defenders of Wildlife!

  7. james Kowalsky

    good news. however also here in Alaska wolves are trashed wholesale in ongoing predator control mandated by Alaska board of game and conducted by the thugs of Alaska Dept of físh & game touted as intensive management. a recent example: the entire Cold Creek pack denning in Yukon charley national preserve, collared in an ongoing national park service seven years to date study and understood to be so by adfg, eliminated, blasted from aircraft by adfg thugs; later attempted justificación as a screw up over radio collars. 89 bears destroyed in the kuskokwim drainage past winter in another game board adfg scenario is another
    scorched Earth example and on and on it goes with little notice and no wildlife advocacy from within nor outside Alaska. including defenders if wildlife not a damn word about this moral squalor maskeesding in Alaska as management. where is the advocacy? there’s none here in our state.

  8. Alexander Yeung

    Those stupid and ignorant idaho state officials have no clue that their action on negative comments with false fact, myth story on wolves instead of actually, true story on wolves pluse it very important role in our ecosystem. It going to bite right back them. Seriously, somone need to get them to step down either they are too delusion in their fantasy world or lack of knowledge on the environment. Let someone who know how to balance nature without doing this ridiculous killing on wolves. Someone need to film about wolves and why it need to be protected with no misleading or fake claim. This film could be a story about a family pack stick together during hard time in the wilderness, faceing huge obstacles in their way, and working together as a team to get food for tuemse

  9. Alexander Yeung

    Sorry about the submit. I was trying to say that they need food for themselves and the pups. I think disney should make this film on wolves also adding how we human did good and bad thing to wolves. In addition, how those social media and wolf haters effecting so negative and cruel to vision the wolves as a devil being. Hopefully that itll convince the wolf hater to think on their action what they done before they make more damage on wolves.

  10. wolfdogged

    PROOF that Animal Planet DID NOT CANCEL “MAN-EATING SUPER WOLVES”. It is soon to air in the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)! WE have three days left to let the network know of our outrage – this time BEFORE it airs Prime Time. (Permission given to forward this info)
    Premieres: Thursday 5th June, 9.00pm (click here to record).
    Uncovers wolf attack stories. Featuring schoolteacher Candice who was attacked whilst she was jogging in her local park and forestry expert Rory is attacked whilst at work, do they manage to get away unharmed?
    Monster Week
    Premieres Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th June, 8.00pm – 10.00pm
    Animal Planet’s giant returns for another MONSTER WEEK to tell the frightful, fun and over-the-top tales of the monsters that lurk below water and stalk on land. Adding to monster madness, is highly anticipated B-Movie, classic in-the-making; BLOOD LAKE: ATTACK OF THE KILLER LAMPREYS (Wednesday 4th June, 9.00pm) star..
    Animal Planet » Programs » Man-eating Super Wolves
    info to follow

    • Defenders of Wildlife

      We received confirmation from Animal Planet’s Senior VP of Communication that the network had no further plans to air the show during the rest of Monster Week in the U.S. We would encourage you to reach out to DiscoveryUK (their contact information is at the bottom of this page: and tell them what you think about their plans to air the special in the UK this week. Hopefully you can achieve the same kind of results we did here in the U.S. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of wolves!

  11. harry potter

    First of all idaho is not “slaughtering” wolves!! It’s called management which is a necessity with anything. If wolves are not managed, they would destroy elk, deer and even cattle populations. Just recently in idaho city a pack of wolves killed a family dog. They hauled the carcass off and there was no remains. What is gonna happen when a wolf pack kills a child at a bus stop because I am sure it is going to happen. You tree huggers need a reality check!!! Have you ever seen a wolf eat a calf elk out of the womb of a cow elk??? I have and it was extremely heart wrenching!!! Wake up and face the fact that without management of wolf populations, the other wildlife would be hugely impacted in a negative way! These wolves are canadian timberwolves which are larger and extremely aggressive compared to the original native wolves.

  12. Lynn Porter

    ” Have you ever seen a wolf eat a calf elk out of the womb of a cow elk??? I have and it was extremely heart wrenching!!!”Missed your opportunity, huh? Or did you enjoy the sight before your crossed eyes?
    I too am sorry such things need to be seen, but hunger will turn anyone to murder and destruction. Have you ever felt the pain, REAL pain of hunger? The type of hunger that makes your belly swell, your heart slow… I doubt it. No I don’t like the idea of an elk calf and cow being destroyed in this manner,Hideous, to say the least, but it occurs. I was so hungry in college I stole food to remain alive, living in my car and freezing. I am personally ashamed of your emotional defense of “managing wolves”. Thank all that is alive now that the storekeeper let me pay him back for the stolen food when I was finally able to get a work permit. What is your particular manner of “managing” wolves? Please, go back to Diagonal Alley and your wonderful mate, Malificent.
    Lynn Porter

  13. wolfdogged

    Tonight’s the night “Man Eating Super Wolves” airs in its prime time $pot with DiscoveryUK. Their “continued” hope is to obtain SUPER high ratings and more advertising $$$ at the expense of maligning wolves. You wrote, “Hopefully you can achieve the same kind of results we did here in the U.S.” Well I’m not really satisfied at all with the results here! I am glad they at least listened, but removing it on it’s very last “full day” of airing (Sat @2am or 4am? counts as Friday night on TV scheduling) AFTER it had already aired PRIMETIME – means they (AP) “win”. All the hoopla to cancel the show essentially resulted in higher ratings for this program. (Nielsen ratings went up). I REALLY do appreciate sending people to the UK Discovery link that I had forgotten to include prior.
    I already have written them, and have received a response (below). If enough people do this we can get Discovery to do more than just patronize us by ACTUALLY CANCELING this shockudrama once and for all! Did I mention after the UK, Discovery will continue to air this program throughout their entire international market! The whole freakin’ world will get to see it. That’s only If YOU don’t speak up NOW – because otherwise it unfortunately will…

    GO to bottom of tonight’s listing for Man Eating Super Wolves and click “contact us”. Where I simply wrote “Please don’t air that awful shockudrama Man Eating Super Wolves, it is sensationalistic crap.”

    Dear xxxxx [wolfdogged]

    Thank you for contacting Discovery Channel.

    We are very sorry to hear that you have been disappointed by Man Eating Super Wolves. We realise that some programmes may not suit all of our viewers’ tastes. We will take note of your comments, and forward them to the programming department on your behalf.

    Kind regards,

    Alan | Discovery Channel Viewer Services |

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