Captive Mexican wolf, © Don Burkett

Wolf Weekly Wrap- Up

Wenaha wolf pups, © ODFW

Pups from Oregon’s Wenaha Pack.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service jumps in to save Mexican gray wolf pups, but are they going about it the right way?
For the first time in the history of Mexican gray wolf recovery, this week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) intervened in the rearing of a new litter of Mexican wolf pups, using a new management strategy to increase the likelihood that newly born litter will survive through their first weeks in the wild.

The Service moved two young pups from a single mother into a new litter of the same age with an experienced mother. In the world of wildlife biology, this strategy is called “cross fostering,” but in simple terms, what this means is that the newly born wolf pups were placed in a foster family. Wolf biologists fear that the young pups wouldn’t have survived had they not moved them—the pups’ original mother had no mate to assist her in hunting or parenting — which doesn’t fare well for the pups.

Wolf Nursing Pups, © NPS

A female wolf nurses her pups in Yellowstone. Photo courtesy of U.S. National Park Service.

If the plan is successful, this strategy will bring more wolves to New Mexico’s wilds and will add much-needed genetic variety to the struggling population. We wish these fostered pups well, and will be monitoring their progress. Successful cross fostering would open the door to further improving genetic diversity in the wild population by placing pups born in captivity into wild dens. This complex strategy, however, cannot make up for what the Service must do now: release more wolves, complete a science-based recovery plan, and begin to establish the two new core populations that are necessary if lobos are to survive and thrive. Tell the Service to take decisive action to rescue the Mexican gray wolf!

Wolves, © Montana FWP

(courtesy MFWP)

Montana Announces Stamp to Fund Wolf Conservation
This week the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) Commission passed a proposal to create a “Wolf Conservation Stamp” to raise money for wolf conservation efforts throughout the state. FWP Commission will now conduct rulemaking which will involve an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the final proposed rule for this stamp. Under the current plan, the stamp will be available for public purchase later this year, and proceeds will fund Montana’s FWP’s wolf conservation efforts. We will keep you posted on the comment period. In the interim, a big thank you to the FWP Commission is in order for providing an opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts from across the country to help support and contribute to wolf conservation in Montana!

Northern Rockies Gray Wolves

Animal Planet’s Segment on “Man-Eating” Wolves is Outrageous and Damaging!
Animal Planet has sadly joined the legions of wolf-haters waging war on our struggling wolves. As part of their “Monster Week” ratings grab, Animal Planet is airing a lurid, factually absurd, and shameful show called “Man-Eating Super Wolves. This show is based on nothing other than myth and hype, and while the station may only be thinking about getting views or clicks to their website, in reality, they are contributing to a disturbing trend of increasingly aggressive and fanatical portrayals of wolves by the media. It’s no surprise that when media paints wolves and fearsome vermin, the public’s aggression and disdain for wolves increases. The number of graphic photos and hateful dialogue about wolves is escalating quickly online.One simply cannot keep up with the number of social media sites promoting brutal wolf killing, for example: Idaho against the Gray Wolves ; Kill the Wolves ; Kill all the wolves (every last worthless vermin wolf!); Wolves Are Profane Vermin Not Scared Animals ; The Only Good Wolf is A Dead Wolf. TV channels like Animal Planet must accept responsibility for the real-world consequences of airing shoddy tabloid pseudo-documentaries.

Click here to demand that they take the show off the air and remove it from their website immediately.

10 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap- Up”

  1. Packprincess

    Animal Planet is making a bad move on exploiting wolves in an over exaggerated hyped up Hollywood Horror drama film, when wolves are really struggling and need our help for survival. Animal Planet needs to support wolves, not create more lies and fear about these beautiful animals. I will quit watching Animal Planet show ever if this gets aired. I am proud to be a member of Defenders of Wildlife, thanks for catching this.

  2. Janet Simpson

    So the leak was FIXED? I think not. Band Aid to a potential disaster. This is another example of the HACKS we have in our legislature. And what the heck did this mush mouth say about ducks? It is what I would expect from the big business politicos.

  3. Hannah Kohlsaat

    Hello DOW….I posted my own comments along w/ and included within the one you drafted for this petition. I’d like to have a copy of it. How can I access petition comments; there must be a way. I just can’t figure it out. It is posted by way of this email address.

    Thank you for all the good work you do! Unfortunately my voice is the only resource I have to lend at the moment. Once I am gainfully employed again, I will resume my fiscal support; I do believe in you all and what you do for us all. Keep up the good fight!

    Fondly and Sincerely,
    Hannah Kohlsaat

  4. Alexander Yeung

    REALLY?!? Animal planet you are spreading lies, fear, mix with hate and using misguide information on wolves as a scapegoat. You are making a biggest mistake of your lives. Use true information about wolves and it is a very important part of the ecosystem. Without the wolves, the result won’t be good. You and the rest of tv channel even the wolf haters will realize of what you are doing is wrong, dead wrong. I won’t forgive you on what you done. You and the wolf-haters will found yourself in court and they ask you why did you do it. You are suppose to teach the public the real, honest truth about the species and how to protect it for future generation. Instead, you didn’t. You have ruin your reputation. Seriously, someone will sue you to close down your channel station for good if you don’t fix the problem you cause.

  5. Diana

    Does anyone have a list of Animal Planet advertisers? We need to let the advertisers know we will not buy their products if they support this wolf-hating show. The pocketbook is every network’s most vulnerable place.

  6. Alexander Yeung

    I won’t forgive them for those who involve and the wolf haters for successfully killing the innocent wolves that is the only one that can balance the ecosystems. They committed a crime against the environment. They are the haters of life. They are blind with blood, greed, and no remorse to any living species. Wolf act as a family working together to go through this hard time. Without a pack leader to guide them, they’re bonds will be broken. Everyone who love the animals both herbivore and carnivore we have to protect them to the very end from those who have the desire to remove them and the land they live of for themselves.

  7. Jon Clark

    So you know (as have read comments from DOW’s President), the current USFWS Director was asked by the editor of Minnesota Outdoor News 2 years ago on his take on wolf delisting and wolf management. Director Dan Ashe took a quote from Ed Bangs, retired USFWS biologist who studied wolves for 30 years, “These animals are WIRED to survive. As long as we do not return to actions of the past- poisoning, bounty hunting, and hunting from planes or helicopters-they will do just fine”.

    As dealing with large carnivores, did y’all know in 1911 the Eastern Mountain Lion was declared extinct in Vermont? Did y’all also know in 2011 the first confirmed sighting of a Mountain Lion was seen in Vermont? Western and Eastern Mountain Lions are the same DNA wise, and no action was taken directly to introduce Mountain Lions to Vermont…..BUT, due to the hardwork of state and federal agencies to restore the Whitetail Deer, these large carnivores have been able to return to their original habitat. One more thing…..this info came from NPR.

  8. Alexander Yeung

    I sorry but I only see what the other states are doing is more like a holocaust on wolves.

  9. Jessica Rollins

    If you kill off all the Grey Wolves that will upset the balance of life for us all. God created all the animals, nature & people w/ reason & purpose. Stop screwing up His work & plan!!!!!

  10. Cj Hakizimana

    Gray wolves are in danger and no body ain’t going to do something to help

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