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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

Population Count for Wolves in Northern Rockies:  Each year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service releases population counts in an effort to monitor the health of wolves living throughout the Northern Rockies. Last week, the numbers were released and news stories are using words like “flourishing,” “secure,” and “steady” to describe the population at the end of 2013. As much as we would like to see a “secure” wolf population in the region, this is not entirely accurate. While some states did show stable numbers, other states like Idaho show declines, particularly sharp in breeding pairs.

Wolf, © ODFW

OR-14, a wolf from the Umatilla River pack.

In Idaho, a series of increasingly aggressive policies – including aerial gunning, paying contractors to kill entire wolf packs in wilderness, and liberal hunting and trapping regulations resulted in a 9 percent decline in the population. Since wolves were delisted in 2011, Idaho has seen a 14 percent decline in its wolf population, while the reported number of successful breeding pairs in Idaho has declined by 50 percent. Regionally, these dramatic declines were diffused because states like Washington and Oregon actually did maintain relatively stable populations from the end of 2012 to the end of2013. The number of wolves living in Montana from the end of 2012 to the end of 2013 was also stable, but the state’s breeding pairs declined from 37 pairs to 28 pairs, a significant decrease. All in all, it’s not sufficient to say that there was “no change” in the wolf population, when wolves are still struggling to gain toe-holds in states like Washington, Oregon and California, and when they are so clearly the target of over-the top killing programs in Idaho.

Wolf OR10, © ODFWShould Northern Rockies Wolves Be Relisted? Defenders Requests Immediate Status Review: As you’ve read above, in just three years since wolves were delisted in Idaho, the state has managed to turn their recovering wolf population into a declining population. And even with their over the top attacks on wolves in 2013, the full effect of their aggressive wolf-killing policies have yet to be felt. Indeed, elected officials continue to state their intent to drive Idaho’s wolf population from 659 to 150.  It is this intent to decimate the state wolf population that last week drove Defenders to request  Secretary of the Interior Jewell to initiate an immediate status review of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, a first step to determining whether the species should be relisted under the Endangered Species Act (click here to submit your request too!). Sadly, even though Idaho begged Congress to turn wolf management over to the state, they are clearly showing that they are not responsible enough to manage wolves, and we’re not about to sit by quietly as they destroy wolf recovery in the state.

14 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. emily zaultz

    i hope they stay alive because i like them can you help

  2. Richard Reesh

    They survival is an integral link in a sustainable and healthy ecosystem. Nature, not man, will keep a healthy level in check.

  3. Alexander Yeung

    Wolves are important to our ecosystem and they keep the population in check. Idaho listen to us, you have gone too far and going to learn the hard way plus the consequence that follow like elk population go sky high if there are no wolves, then they’ll eat everything of wildlife plants. Who fault it is, you are Idaho.

  4. Marilyn Suarez

    It is not up to humans to control predators. They are necessary to our eco system in many, many ways. They are endangered because of humans. Why are we protecting ranchers and hunters.? The wolves are on federal lands. All the money, time and energy we spent to re-introduce and save the wolves and now this.! Fish and Wildlife , Governors of these states that are killing the wolves and Jewell are all to blame. I believe that the public is against these killings, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Sad, Sad, Sad

  5. frans keulemans

    some humans are so ignorant and think that this planet only belongs to them. long before this so called humans killed millions in all kinds of wars religion or not.this planet was in a good shape. an animal only kills what he needs for food looks at humans they never have enough on their off shore bank accounts and are willing to kill to get more. animals do not make guns and start wars. if humans go on like this. this planet will be destroyed and and like millions of years of ago there will be hopeful a fresh start

  6. frans keulemans

    humans will destroy this planet with their hunger for more and more and the us is working hard on it

  7. Linda Moore

    Sadly, I live in idaho where is very radical governor is bent on destroying wolves. Thank God for you and other wildlife conservation organizations and for appealing to Secretary Jewell.


  8. Doug Marchel

    Idaho, the “killers” paradise!!! We need to get a check on these heartless, cruel inhumans, and do what we have to, to protect our innocent animals!!!!!!

  9. Packprincess

    Wolf hunters = Coldhearted Psychopaths > animal Hitler wannabes……

  10. Dr Isha Mazer

    On the wolve annihlation in the Northern Rockies; Strictly speaking the “stinky -poopy” state officials of those regions defy the reality that is the United States these days; they are bent on White Honky ass rule and a broad denial of the damage that has transpired in the United States since it morphed into a full blown empire in the early 20th century. These “clowns” insist you live in one of their backwater towns and look to either the big box or antiquated supermarkets serving thoroughly denatured foods and processed “crap” for nutrition. No wonder these state harbour so many obisient subjects! If they all explored naturaly living Yoga and regenerative living they would wake up from the hypnotized stupor they’re in . Please don’t expect a human being whose been subjected to shit housing/shit media/ shit hygiene/ & shit education to drum up the courage to “test check the conditioned data ” they received in parental/educational/social learning envornments against the raw sensations of their minds in states of contempletive awareness. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! No these idiots will parrot any moniker the kingpins utter until all all their flock prostrates and bows to the chief idiot in charge. It’s a disgrace that we cant’ break those chains and in LOVE And begin to build a society that does’t push such “FELLOW MORTALS ” to the border of their demise! Who are these people and why are they calling the shots? Together (as a Union under the auspices of indefagable & invincible Mytholgical wisdom bodies) we can topple these tyrants and restore the land , the people , & the Air to a level of wellness our benevolent & universal creator intended us To! For the Regents of the Bhumi Devi Brigade…Victory to the Grey wolve nation of Turtle Island Signed Dr Isha Mazer Sp Attache

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