Black Skimmer with Needlefish, © Jessica Kirste

The Votes Are In…

This year, we received thousands of incredible photographs of wildlife and wild lands for the 2014 photo contest. I want to deeply thank everyone who submitted photos and voted for their favorites. With your help, we have our winners! Click here to see them >

So many incredible photos were submitted this year, that narrowing them down to just ten finalists was truly challenging. So we put together a slideshow of some of the other fantastic photos we received that deserve an honorable mention.

8 Responses to “The Votes Are In…”

  1. Eleanor E. Caffrey

    Living Lightly-Matthew Hardcastle
    Where do you get the the #1.4 to 3.7 billion birds in the U.S.?
    This appears to be an impossible number. The sun would be obscured by birds if this were true…maybe in the 1700’s.
    E. Caffrey

  2. Melanie Weberg

    Sheer pleasure…thank you to all the photographers who quietly go about their business capturing scenes we can only imagine.

  3. Heidi Ridgley

    Regarding the question about 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds annually in the U.S., the source was cited in the Living Lightly story: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute conducted an analysis of previous studies and had their own analysis peer reviewed. Their study was originally published in Nature.

  4. Jean de Maiffe

    What a joy to see these photos. Thank you, again, to everyone who captures these incredible, elusive views to share with the rest of us. While my ultimate choices my have been different than the outcome of the survey, I cannot fault any of their choices, either.

  5. Brenda Noriega

    I’ve loved all the pictures, however I prefer: “THREE NOSES” and “NOBLE WOLF”…

  6. Kathy Heimer

    All of them are special and it is too hard to choose one!

  7. Imelda McDonald

    I love all of them every one of them have special character and qualities!

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