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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

65 Representatives Sign Letter to Secretary Jewell Urging Her to Abandon Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal… Has Yours? Representative Peter DeFazio has authored a letter to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell requesting that she withdraw the current wolf delisting proposal. This letter comes in response to the unanimous conclusion from an independent panel of expert scientists who said the Service did not use the best available science in their delisting proposal. Already, 65representatives have signed the letter, and today is the last day we can ask for additional signers. You can help by calling your representative today!

Washington’s Wolf Population Remains Stable: Last week, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) released the official annual count of gray wolves living in Washington state which showed only a tiny increase from the previous year. The year’s count tallied a minimum of 52 wolves in the state, which is only one more wolf than reported in the 2012 count. The count also tallied five successful breeding pairs, but this is the same number reported in the 2012 annual count.  The count did report an increase in wolf packs, but not because there was a big increase in the population, but rather because the Smackout pack reportedly dispersed into several smaller packs.In response to these numbers, Suzanne Stone, Defenders Senior Representative for Rockies and Plains said:Wolf, © Yellowstone National Park“The stability of Washington’s wolf population is good news, but the population is still incredibly vulnerable during these early stages of recovery in Washington and wolves have a long way still to go. It’s critical that Washington state wildlife officials focus on sustainable management strategies designed to encourage human and wolf coexistence and resist weakening important safeguards for recovering wolf packs in the state.”

Calling All Idaho Residents:  March 19th Hearing on New Predation Management Plan: All Idaho residents are welcome to testify at a March 19th public hearing on Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s (IDFG) recently announced predation management plan.This plan calls for an intensive program of wolf killing in the Middle Fork Zone, which includes the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, using paid hunters and trappers over successive years to kill up to 60 percent of the wolves living there. Just before the hearing, Defenders of Wildlife staff will provide tips on how to deliver effective testimony, and students from Timberline High School will stage a protest against Idaho’s war on wolves. Event details below:

Gray Wolf, © Gary Schultz

 Pre-Event Rally and Preparation:

  • Wednesday, March 19; 5:30 pm
  • MK Nature Center, 600 S Walnut St, Boise, ID 83712

Public hearing:

  • Wednesday, March 19; 7:00 pm
  • Washington Group Plaza, Main Auditorium (entrance at fountain)
  • 720 East Park Blvd., Boise, ID 83712

New Science Shows Majority of Alberta Canada’s Residents Have Favorable Attitudes Towards Wolves: It’s not all bad for wolves in North America – a recent study showed that the majority of Alberta citizens have a positive view of wolves. Researchers surveyed 555 people living in rural parts of Alberta, Canada to assess their attitudes about wolves and wolf management. 15.6% of people surveyed had negative views of wolves, whereas 33.8% had a neutral attitude. But, the majority of people surveyed – 50.6% – had a positive view of wolves.

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16 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Holiday Lammon

    I believe that people need to truly remember that we keep moving into the homes of animals we keep killing off. Stop moving into the homes and they’ll leave you alone!!!

  2. Natalie Kruse

    You know…The reps in Idaho are against wolves
    So, with this in mind, wouldn’t it be better to start a massive education campaign to educate people about wolves rather than to push against a bunch of politicians who will just push back harder? I am picking the educational route.

  3. Anita Stafford

    Please do not allow wholesale killing of wolves in Idaho or anywhere else on this continent. It is far too premature for them to be removed from the endangered species list. Wolves, and other apex predators, are a vital part of the ecological system. Everything is connected and affected by changes in any part of the system.

  4. Abbey Zap

    The killing of wolves, and other apex predators is so wrong. Everything is in favor of the hunters/ranchers/murderers… but where is biodiversity?

  5. Christine Traylor

    Every time we save a species, we are only saving ourselves.

  6. Gordon Wood

    Unfortunately, the wolf war in Idaho is highly polarized. Sad situation. And if you go here you’ll see what we’re up against…:(


    It’s an entrenched mindset, and to them, we’re the nutcases, we don’t know anything about wolves, or comprehend their lifestyles. It’s sad and disturbing. And in Idaho a lot of the Fish & Wildlife, US. Forest Service and politicians are in the same camp. Ugh! It’s an outdated mindset and approach to living in or with nature harmoniously.

  7. Pauline Hill

    Don’t know if my rep signed it she replied she would look into it. Do you know what states did sign it?

  8. Darlene Niman

    Read “How Wolves Save Rivers”. It says it all. Wolves are a major contribution to the ecosystem. It cannot be any clearer that they are essential and necessary.

  9. Jodi

    Yes, let us know ..’who are the good reps that signed’… I know mine did – Jared Polis if Colorado , because he wrote me back after I called to urge him too sign

  10. Victoria Brown

    Wolves are beautiful animals and have the right to live. Save our wolves!

  11. Margaret Lomax

    We need these apex predators. Take Yellowstone National Park. With these animals they kept the moose from eating the saplings along the rivers and creeks. Thereby making new hiding places for fish and smaller animals. Which are needed for game for other animals including the wolfs! Which may help them stay within park boundaries.

  12. therese habif

    wolves are GOD’S CREATURES like ourselves and destroying them is an act against his will .

  13. Chris Piecha

    It time Defenders stop codling the current administration. Calling your local reps does no good if the top either ignores or doesn’t help. Remember they appointed Secretary Jewell to her post. it’s time to get rid of Sec.Jewel.

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