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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

Reprieve for Wolves in Idaho: On Monday, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) announced an abrupt end to their wolf extermination program in the Frank Church Wilderness Area after Defenders and other conservation groups took the issue to federal court earlier this month. As of January 15, the trapper had killed nine wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness;  he will pack out of the area after all traps and snares have been removed. IDFG says they believe the trapper killed all of the wolves in the Golden and Monumental wolf packs, but the truth is that no one – not event IDFG – knows how many wolves remain in these two packs.Though we are saddened about the nine wolves killed needlessly, any remaining wolves that could have been killed are safe, as are any other animals that could have fallen victim had the effort continued. We are hopeful that our litigation will cause IDFG to think twice about future efforts to eradicate wolves in wilderness areas, and cause U.S. Forest Service officials to deny access to IDFG for such activities.

Mexican gray wolf, © Jim Clark/USFWS

Mexican gray wolf, © Jim Clark/USFWS

Today Fish and Wildlife Released Annual Count of Mexican Gray Wolves:  Mexican gray wolves in Arizona and New Mexico saw only a slight increase in population numbers in 2013, according to an official Fish and Wildlife Service count released today. This year’s count tallied 83 wolves, an increase of only eight individuals from the 2012 year-end population of 75 wolves. Defenders is disappointed by these numbers, but they are not unexpected. The Service has done next to nothing to complete or implement a recovery plan for these wolves.

In response to these numbers, Eva Sargent, director of southwest programs for Defenders of Wildlife said “In order to see a significant increase in yearly population numbers, breeding pairs and, overall genetic health, Mexican gray wolves need three things: a science-based recovery plan must be implemented immediately; more breeding pairs must be released; and at least two additional core populations must be established in suitable habitat. Above all, these numbers tell us one thing – Mexican gray wolves cannot recover without help. The Service must recommit to getting the job done.”


7 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Nikki wise

    It’s good news that the killing has been stopped, but also sad that because of human interference it’s now going to take human intervention to help the population of wolves recover . If humans let nature be and appreciated it in its beauty and enjoyed the animals instead of hunting them to extinction ,the world would be some much better off

  2. Donna Kanipe

    I am in total agreement with your work. I try my best to sign petitions, write political officials, even the Whitehouse to help animals and environment problems. People should not take over the animals territory. Where are they suppose to live. I question the sense of humans. I hate traps and would move them myself if I knew where they were. I share many stories and have many animal advocates on my list. I’m so glad the wolf population has gone up but I agree more needs to be done. Also against animal abuse and domestic violence. Really they are one in the same. If someone can abuse animals. They usually abuse children and adults. The pictures I get are horrific and if the politicians saw this they would be sickened. Maybe they need more pictures. Animals hunt to survive, only humans kill for fun. Humans are the worst predators on earth and everyone is endangered by these people. Thank you for the work you do. It takes a caring and determined person to continue this work for it seems to never end, but every one saved is a victory and I am proud of you all.

  3. Allen Ernst

    “but the truth is that no one – not event IDFG – knows how many wolves remain in these two packs”

    That says it all. How are we supposed to pursue, sustainable, science-based management of our wild places and wild things if we do not have a baseline understanding of how animal populations, densities and locations.

    Hunters and hunter advocacy groups are spending a tremendous amount of money, time and energy helping wildlife conservation. Conversely, your organization seemingly only spends money on litigation. Instead of merely telling half-truths and pandering to your low-information donors in an effort to raise funds for more litigation that ultimately doesn’t accomplish a damn thing for helping the environment and the animals we all love, why don’t you step up and put your money where your collective mouths are and TRULY get on the side of wildlife conservation?

    Go ahead, join us in an effort to raise a few million dollars for FLIR equipped aircraft to perform population counts here in the Northwest. I dare you. Sadly, I fully expect you to just delete this and continue to keep playing your members as fools and do nothing of any material consequence for our wildlife.


    Allen Ernst
    President, Northwest Chapter
    Safari Club International

  4. Lisa

    I agree with Nikki and Donna wholeheartedly. The killing has got to STOP!!!!! It’s great news that it has, hopefully it will stay that way. People need to leave wildlife alone. People have ruined sooo much of the beauty and precious animals that God himself put here for us to enjoy and take care of, instead they ruin everything!! They are the worst predators on the planet! I’m so tired of all the killing, abuse and reckless behavior of humans that I don’t know what to do!!!!!
    Animals suffer as much as we do until we extend our level of compassion to ALL living things humanity will never find peace. This should be the philosophy of all civilization. Thank you for all you stand for and all of your great work that all of you do to save animals and their habitat.

  5. Linda Sams

    So true, I work in a man’s world — and hunting season (even out of
    hunting season), they always talk about killing (usually deer), more
    than they could ever use themselves: How can this be stopped ?
    Even on their own property, they should only be allowed so many:
    Look at the coat Joe Nemath wore at the big wonderful Super Bowl!
    Someone should have confronted him in the public on his shame;
    Now, everyone is going to start wearing “Furs” again; when it was declining ::::::::: Man is only destroying our earth and the creatures
    On it —– I’m sooooo terribly ashamed !

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