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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

Defenders Asks Court to Halt Trapper Paid to Kill Two Wolf Packs on Federal Lands: We’ve been providing you frequent updates on an egregious program authorized by the U.S. Forest Service to allow a trapper paid by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to kill two entire wolf packs into central Idaho’s Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. This week, Defenders and a host of other environmental organizations took the issue to court asking a federal judge in Idaho to stop this program immediately.

Speaking out, Jonathan Proctor, our Rockies and Plains Program Director, said “this is just the most recent example of the state bending over backwards to accommodate the wishes of people who hate wolves. Wilderness areas are places for wildlife to remain as wild as is possible in today’s modern world.  If Idaho’s wildlife officials won’t let wolves and elk interact naturally in the Frank Church Wilderness, then clearly they will allow it nowhere.” A decision from the federal judge cannot come soon enough, as on Wednesday we learned the trapper has already killed seven wolves from the Golden and Monumental wolf packs. This PBS Nature episode, River of No Return showcases the rugged beauty of the Frank Church Wilderness and the exact wolf packs being killed by the trapper now.  While Defenders is trying to stop the killing through the court system, you can help by telling the U.S. Forest Service you support the immediate prohibition of the use of national forest lands for this wolf extermination.

Idaho Governor Announces a New Wolf Control Board to Implement Lethal Wolf Control Programs: Also in Idaho, this week, Gov. Butch Otter announced a new state Wolf Control Board that will receive $2 million of state funds to implement lethal wolf control programs throughout Idaho. As with last month’s wolf killing derby and the current trapping of wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness, the Wolf Control Board shows how Idaho treats wolves differently than it treats other wildlife, singling them out for special discrimination. Defenders is mobilizing our supporters in Idaho to let Governor Otter know that plan is unacceptable. Throwing money at lethal control programs without even considering effective non-lethal options for keeping wolves away from livestock makes absolutely no sense! And many such programs do exist.

Wood River field crew 2013, © Defenders of Wildlife

Last year’s Wood River field crew.

Working with ranchers, Defenders has pioneered many practical solutions to help livestock and wolves coexist – for example the Wood River Coexistence Project in central Idaho –uses proven, effective nonlethal deterrents like fladry, range riders, electric fencing and guard dogs to help protect livestock and build social acceptance for wolves.


10 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Teresa Grant

    Please Protect our wolves! Do not allow trappers to kill them! Please

  2. Strix O

    How have the Forest Forest and the Court responded to the request for a Temporary Restraining Order? It looks likes its taking longer than it should given the urgency of the situation. Also, any indication that emails/calls to the Forest Service are having any effect? (I have written to the Payette, Region 4, and the FS Chief).



    How much of that $2million is lining the pockets of Idaho Governor Butch Otter? The reason for eradicating wolves is so that hunters can kill elks, deers etc, and those same hunters and ranchers line pockets to get their own way. Shame on you all.

  4. Ksenia

    Absolutely classic act by humans: destroy and murder so we can destroy and murder some more.
    Imagining what the wolves in these two packs are going through now that several of their friends are dead is heartbreaking. They must be pacing and howling and searching and calling…

  5. sean reid

    SAVE THE WOLFS. SAVE THE WOLFS. SAVE THE WOLFS. We cant let them kill wolfs . wolfs are such magestic creatures and its horrible that people hunt them. so i say SAVE THE WOLVES. SAVE THE WOLVES

  6. José Molina Molina


  7. Roxanne

    Wolves are a very important part of nature and must remain so. They serve a purpose in the wild and the only reason for the Governor and the wolf hit man to slaughter wolves is because the ranchers want only their cattle to be able to feed in these wilderness areas. The cattle rack havoc on the land by over grazing and leaving the land barren where when the wind blows it blows the precious top soil away. The wolves don’t feed on the grass they feed on the week and elder ones of the heard! As it should be. Please let the wolves do their part and feed their families as Mother nature intended for thousands of years until man brought their cattle in to over graze the land. It is their land and MAN should not take it away for any reason. The packs are like families. So if you take out a Mother or Father, brother or sister it hurts the pack emotionally. It’s the same for them when they loose a pack member as it is when we loose a family member. They grieve just like humans. Please I beg you to stop the hit man and the slaughter by trapping and hunting by anyone of the wolves and let them run free in the many thousands of acres of wilderness that belongs to them not the cattle men. They can feed their herds hay which would be better anyway. That way the wolves leave the cattle alone and the cattlemen raise the price of their meat. We have Mexican Grey wolf packs here in NM in the Gila Wilderness and they are doing just fine. They thin the Elk herds which is good because I personally have seen hundreds of Elk in one location, where we had to wait 1/2 hour for all of them to cross the road. So it is beneficial for both. The ranchers still have their cattle in the same areas and the ecosystem is balanced. PLEASE STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF ALL WOLVES.

  8. T. Rider

    What a issue these wolves are making. That’s see the Frank Church are is huge and also does not allow grazing. Elk, deer, coyotes, bears, bighorn, moose and mountain goat are in the area. Populations of these animals has dramatically gone down including the coyote. My last trip there not one coyote was heard howling in 3 days. Why is it fine to defend the wolf and not the coyote or bear? Wolves eradicate the coyotes and now have been documented digging up hibernating bears and killing them.
    To my knowledge when the wolves were brought back 10 breeding pairs or 100 wolves was the target.
    Wildlife is protected and managed by the state, this is all wildlife not just elk or deer and is supported and paid for by hunters and fisherman.
    Once the wolf numbers are reduced the hunting will be limited. If this is not acceptable then maybe live trapping and reintroduction into your neighborhood could be accomplished with funding from wolf advocate groups.This would be a win win for both sides of the issue.

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