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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

No Wolves Killed In Idaho Hunting Derby: Despite outcry from the environmental community and Defenders’ best efforts – which resulted in over 43,000 members writing Idaho’s government officials —  a wolf killing competition organized by Idaho for Wildlife took place on Saturday and Sunday in Salmon, Idaho.

While wolf supporters were unable to stop the derby, if there is a silver lining in this egregious event, it is that no wolves were killed during the 48 hour competition. This weekend’s zero kill count only demonstrates the persistent misinformation circulating in Idaho about gray wolf populations.  Derby participants did manage to kill 21 coyotes, however.

Gray Wolf, © Joan Poor

In the wake of the event, Defenders is concerned that anti-wolf organizers will only leverage the fact that no wolves were killed to advocate for more extreme methods like aerial hunting and traps to kill wolves. Now more than ever, it is critical we demonstrate just the opposite is needed. Stay tuned for more news on this topic….

Defenders Takes Action Against U.S. Forest Service for Allowing Wolf Eradication: Idaho Department of Fish and Game has hired a hunter/trapper to kill two entire wolf packs in the massive, remote and livestock-free Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area. The state wants these wolf packs killed by a hired hunter/trapper simply because an outfitter complained to an Idaho Department of Fish and Game commissioner. The U.S. Forest Service administers this wilderness area and has policies to restrict predator control in wilderness.  Yet the agency gave permission to Idaho to use its facilities for this killing effort and did nothing to stop Idaho from implementing its anti-wolf agenda in this federal wilderness area. Defenders is working hard to counteract these harmful policies and we need your help. Tell the U.S. Forest Service to immediately prohibit the use of national forest lands and facilities in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area for the state’s hostile and misguided wolf eradication program.

10 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Marcia Coco

    I am so relieved that no wolves were killed in this horrible wolf derby. The feelings in my heart tell me we are losing the fight to save our wolves. I am SO angry and frustrated by human ignorance and their need to play God. The wildlife authorities have gone so far backwards environmentally that I am losing hope. God help our wolves !!

  2. Didier Souccar

    You know we have only 50 Wolves in France.But here also they kill them….disgusting..I live in the Pyrénées . There was NEVER any problem with Bears, except some sheep killed….Let´say the shepherds leave 5000 heads in the mountain, And they just come here every 2 weeks. So the culprit is the Bear! Here the hunters shoot Eagles, Foxes, Even Cats! What a shame!

  3. Gail Lynch

    I am absolutely disgusted that my tax dollars are paying for these stupid people to not uphold their end of the bargain of protecting our wildlife. I want them all fired. Their paychecks are not coming from just those in Idaho, their pay checks are coming from the tax payers all over the USA. Irresponsible, and fraudulent is all I can say about these thieves, and killers. I used to have respect for such a profession wildlife officer, but now I have lost hope.

  4. William Beech

    The forest service allowing the mercenary trapper/killer to enter the federal wilderness to trap- and kill wolf packs as well as the USF&WS allowing this planned incursion is a case of blatant dereliction of duty by both agencies. These people are supposed to protect our national lands and animals and instead are aiding and abbeting those who would destroy it for profit and false reasons. Who do we need to reach to make the heads roll? Are all these officers and those in charge political lackeys and cowards? some how we must find the answer and make the Obama administration respond or pay.
    William Beech

  5. Vicky Hagemeister

    I too am relieved to hear that no wolves were killed during the Idaho derby but it makes me wonder if that was simply because there aren’t many wolves left in Idaho or if the wolves left the area when all the fool hunters started thrashing around. I hope it is the latter.

  6. Shirley

    I hope the American people stand up for these animals. They have no right to kill these beautiful animals. I hope they get reported to people who care. What a bunch of hypocrites.I hope they all get fired. I will keep watching the news.Take their paychecks away. They will have a fit.

  7. Bonna

    I am sick every time I hear about these killings I always have loved wolves we have to also watch these people confining and breeding these beautiful animals also giving them a bad name making money off them that is mean people don’t keep them as pets forever

  8. bob in nyc

    I’ve tried to reach the exec team of Defenders of Wildlife. There’s an effective, tried and true idea.
    You see, we have to reach the wolf killers other than by legislation. Have to appeal to them in a different way– How? the same way that most advertising works. Millions and billions of dollars are spent on advertising. I hope the WIldLife execs might consult me.
    I think that the wolf killers also read these blogs–so I won’t say more here–don’t want to give them the idea.

  9. Gwen

    Come on America, you are supposed to be world leaders, show us how to look after these most beautiful of animals, it makes me feel physically sick to think of the hunting that goes on there, show the world how to do it right, fight against the injustice of it all.

  10. Cathleen Berg

    Are these Leg traps he is using? if so apparently they are legal there Leg traps kill more than wolves all kinds of animals get caught in them and the animals suffer so How can a people who say they love their wilderness only see predators as useless and devalue their place in the wilderness .its always the same a matter of control and power over nature. Without thought to the outcome they will not be happy until every wolf is slaughtered that is their plan.

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