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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

Update on Frank Church Lawsuit: Earlier this month, Defenders and several other nonprofits filed suit against the U.S. Forest Service and Idaho Fish and Game for hiring a trapper to exterminate two wolf packs in the remote Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho.

©Chagares Photography

©Chagares Photography

Unfortunately, last Friday a federal judge in Idaho denied our request to end the program. Jonathan Proctor, Defenders’ program director for the Rockies and Plains said: “We are extremely disappointed that the court refused to put an immediate stop to Idaho’s wolf eradication program… [k]illing wolves to artificially increase elk herds for hunters is no way to manage a wilderness area.” Defenders and our coalition partners have appealed the district court’s decision and requested an emergency injunction with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. We expect a ruling from the 9th  Circuit sometime after next Wednesday. Sadly, as of January 15th, nine wolves had already been killed, and the trapper has already set many traps that will likely result in deaths of additional wolves and possibly other native wildlife species. This PBS Nature episode, River of No Return showcases the rugged beauty of the Frank Church Wilderness and the exact wolf packs being killed by the trapper now. Even though much damage is already done, Defenders will continue to fight this egregious program because this wolf pack extermination effort sets a horrible precedent for state management of wolves in federal wilderness areas.

22 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Cat Consten

    Allow nature to find it’s balance. Wolves are a necessary part of the checks and balances in nature. Once again, this beautiful predator is being demonized and culled by human hands! This is atrocious!
    How can you kill a species who’s social order is much like our own? Which one of you wouldn’t take down a caribou, elk or sheep if you were hungry, let alone for SPORT!
    Call in animal control, culling, call it what you will. I call it slaughter of a necessary predator!
    This wolf hunting MUST end!

  2. Darlene McLean

    The killing of wolves is wrong they have there place in nature and we need them plus I don’t want to have to explain to my grandchildren how the wolf became extinct because MAN failed to understand that ALL GOD’S CREATURES have a rightful purpose and place on this earth.

  3. Mary Morris

    People need to respect all wildlife and let nature take its course. Who made us the rulers of the world anyway?

  4. Karen Kent-Stoddard

    I think that is why there are so many new diseases out there, because the wolfs, coyotes, eagles,crows, etc eat dead carcasses and with out them the carcasses rot and create disease that spread to humans. I also don`t think the government has the right to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner on wildlife!!!

  5. William Layette

    I love the wolves. I don’t know exactly why, except they are some of the most beautiful animals on earth. I have wolf pictures, calendars, figurines, books, tattoos, and more. I hope that trapper gets caught in one of his own traps. And that judge can go **** himself.

  6. Andrea

    So we’re killing to encourage more killing? Makes a ton of sense 🙁 and makes me very sad.

  7. Greg Adams

    This onslaught is so, so wrong and nothing short of extermination tactics. Here you have 2.3 million acres of wilderness and you can’t co-exist with the wolves here. Geeze! The wolves elsewhere in smaller areas are getting somewhat of a better chance (not much, but some). The existence of the wolf population is needed to keep our ecosystem in balance. We can co-exist, but government doesn’t give a crap, seems like they don’t understand the biological makeup of our planet’s needs or ecosystem balances, and will go to any extreme to upset that which is already in place to make a comeback. Ranchers and farmers are trying and finding that we can live with wolves in our midst. They are to be commended and government officials need to listen to the news of their findings and success. Give everyone a voice. The wolves are wonderful and helpful for a healthy environment, Take them out, we all suffer. …………. Don’t get me started on honey bees!

  8. happy wild horse

    Wolves are lovely animals, I can’t believe that someone would kill a wolf unless in self defence and even that would be a bad thing to do,but to kill an animal to kill more animals is evil! It is so wong to kill one of God’s creatures.

  9. Jane Heltebrake

    Shame on the Judge!!!!!!!!!!!! He is probably bought and paid for by the hunters/ranchers. He does not have a conscience.

  10. Jen cohen

    Thanks for all your hard work time and effort in trying to halt this idiotic extermination!

  11. Christy

    Question. Why if this region is remote must they bother these two pack? Can someone explain the reason the FWS chose theses two packs? Just trying to understand the senseless killing.

  12. Wanda Ferguson

    Stop KILLING! They were here first! Humans don’t have a right to own everything!

  13. Marilyn Williams

    The slaughtering of these wolves is a disgrace to a civilized society. I am ashamed of the human race. Man is the worst predator on earth.

  14. Marcia Coco

    I was so sad when I heard about the ruling. I pray the appeals court sees it for what it really is. To exterminate our still endangered wolves.

  15. Sheryl Bright

    I believe GOD knows how to balance nature, let nature take care of itself! Stop killing GOD’s creatures.

  16. Nancy

    As a business owner, I’d like to know why it is acceptable for my tax dollars to subsidize these elk hunting businesses. If you want to start an elk hunting business, you need to accept the risks involved re: potential profit loss just like the rest of us business owners. That is part of the free market. Tax dollars should not be used to prop up private businesses, especially when doing so harms natural resources that belong to all of us.

  17. Randy Haugen

    The lawsuit should demand that the traps be destroyed and the killer put in jail.

  18. Mikse Willoya-Marx

    I fully expect the emergency injunction to be approved. This is an atrocity to benefit the few over the power of Nature. This erroneous thought process is a disservice to the wonders of nature and the obligation of humans to use common sense to protect nature in all of it’s majesty. The mental sprawl of this ignorance can no longer be tolerated in any form.

  19. Scott R. Dorr

    My family, with friends, has vacationed in Idaho several times and felt certain we would return, but that has become a definite NO since you have begun your onslaught on the wolves…I will no longer purchase out of state licenses to go into your recreation budgets…Along with not entering your state or even pass through it and have to purchase gas, I will openly and loudly convince my friends to follow the same path as my family…You should be ashamed of yourself…Living in such a beautiful state you should be a protector of your land and its creatures, not the self proclaimed god…I promise to be your worst advertisement for visiting Idaho…

  20. M B NEACE

    What was the judges rationale for allowing the wolf kill in Idaho to continue? Is there a way to counter that decision ASAP?

  21. Theresa Sykes

    I am with Greg…The honey bees have an order to nature also. All I know is we are supposed to be the most intelligent being on this planet. But this wolf slaughter….doesn’t reflect it! Every creature has a purpose. It is our duty and responsibility to recognize and RESPECT THAT PURPOSE. Let us find an equitable solution for man and WILDLIFE….

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