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Wolf Weekly Wrap-up

Happy holidays to all — we have just one update for you this week. Thanks for your support and readership this year. Remember that you can always view an archive of wolf weekly posts here!

©Eilish Palmer

©Eilish Palmer

Wolf Killing Competition in Idaho Set for Tomorrow
One of the most egregious organized killings of America’s gray wolves is slated to take place this weekend in Salmon, Idaho. An anti-predator organization has scheduled a wolf-killing competition where prizes are awarded for such objectives as killing the largest wolf and the most female coyotes. In addition to the fact that this competition violates the principles of ethical hunting, Defenders is concerned about the precedent this contest sets. The competition also sadly demonstrates that it has taken less than 3 years to return to the type of eradication practices that led to wolves’ near extinction in the lower 48, and the reason the wolf was listed as an endangered species in the first place!! Defenders is working hard to prevent this competition and also to prevent competitive wolf killing in the future. With your support, we are mobilizing our presence to let Governor Otter and Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore know that this competition is unacceptable and we are also requesting an emergency wolf hunting closure in the Salmon Zone. Members of the environmental community are taking a similar stance against this scheduled killing event by asking a federal judge to stop the contest, contending that the Forest Service is ignoring federal laws by allowing this event to proceed. Together, we hope our efforts will be effective in preventing this contest from happening.

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21 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-up”

  1. Barrie Mason

    Exterminating wolves is so 19th century. Science tells us that the top predator is an essential part of the ecosystem, ranchers can be educated to coexist successfully with wolves, and most Americans want the wolves protected.

  2. angie ackel

    The wolf has been living on this earth for hundreds and hundreds of years. What gives anyone the right to do away with a creature that God created just as he did man. Let the wolf live.

  3. Wanda Milton

    This is so ridiculous! I think that they get coyote actions and activities mixed up with wolves. They are part of the whole ecosystem!

  4. Cecelia Colon

    Governor Otter and the Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore should be ashamed of themselves. To sponsor and encourage this type of event in this day and age is simply barbaric. It is one thing to hunt and kill an animal for food, but to simply hunt down and destroy an animal for what they call sport and enjoyment is beyond uncivilized. Wolves are an essential and necessary part of nature’s balance of species and wherever wolves are the numbers in other species are typically in balance and not overpopulated. I am appalled that people would encourage to destroy animals as a form of entertainment, which teaches no respect for natural order or life, especially since these so-called hunters may kill pack leaders or nursing mothers in order to fulfill their ignorant contest requirements. There are still federal protections in place and apparently the Governor of Idaho feels he and the residents of his state are immune to Federal laws and can do what they wish. If the federal judge does not insist upon stopping the contest then what is the point of having Federal laws in the first place if we can all disregard them according to our whims? Hopefully, the judge will cease this event and its vile mission.

  5. Michelle

    Why on earth don’t the good people in this country stand up to this and put an end to it before it even begins? There are 330 million people in this country and we still can’t come together to protect animals?

  6. Mary Morris

    I live in Idaho and this makes me so ashamed of our great state. Seems we are backward in Idaho and this hunt proves my point….

  7. Bonnie Pederson

    I listened to the news when a person who was going to participate in the “kill”, was telling us (non Idaho residents) that we do not understand your lifestyle. NO, I do not understand a lifestyle that creates events for killing wolves and coyotes etc. for sport.

  8. Radford Bean

    Hit Idaho where it hurts–in their tourism industry. Get the word out to skiers, campers, rafters, fishermen, and others to take their tourist dollars elsewhere. There are other western states that offer these outdoor activities that are much more friendly to wolves: California, Oregon, and Washington. Money talks, and if the tourism business is hurt badly enough, outfitters; river and fishing guides; Silverwood; chamber of commerces in Coeur d’ Arlene, Sandpoint, Kellogg, Sun Valley; and others can have persuassion over the governor.

  9. Margaret Moore

    This s sooooo wrong on so many levels. 1. Where are the scientists who re-introduced the wolf into North America? Shame on them! 2. This administration has delisted so many endangered species, the wolf, the eagle and continues to reap havoc on wild mustangs. We must STOP the madness! Shame on all of them!

  10. M W Davis

    I am appalled at the ignorance and inhumanity of a state that would allow and encourage this type of slaughter. What is wrong with the brains of these people? Not that it means much, I am sure, but I will never spend another dime in Idaho. You as a state have gone to the bottom of the list as far as common sense and and intelligence.

  11. Francene Amari-Faulkner

    Okay – so we are all horrified. Now what can be done! Other than sending donations to organizations fighting this? It seems we all need to be as aggressive as the hunters! Trying to fight them with logic and process will be to late in this case. The hunt will take place! I am outraged! I wish more people would get outraged and together we would STOP it! This is ignorance of the worst kind!

  12. Jeanne Ruetz

    My heart is breaking to hear that the federal judge Candy Dale is standing by the promoters/wolf killers and not listening to all of the people who have worked so hard to stop this cruel derby. It just makes me sick.

  13. Elaine B

    This is not hunting – this is just slaughter of animals for no reason. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi.
    I guess this says a lot about how this country is as a nation – as a nation, where have our morals gone? We treat each other and other living creatures with such disrespect today – this slaughter is a prime example of how far backwards this country is going…..I am truly ashamed that people who call themselves “hunters” would hold an event that is so unsportsmanlike and set this kind of example for future generations…..

  14. Isabelle Kay

    I have spent a fair amount of time in Idaho, in the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness, around Payette Lake, and in other areas, with my friends and family, as a paying tourist. I swear that if this goes forward I will never ever again set foot in the damned state of Idaho if I can help it. We do not allow our children to go out and shoot our neighbors dogs. So why do we allow adults to shoot our wolves and coyotes? Those wolves and coyotes are part of our nation’s natural heritage, and killers in Idaho shouldn’t be allowed to murder them.

  15. Cynthia Courtney- Belton, Texas

    I beg you Gov. Otter to STOP this killing!!!!Why do you think it’s necessary for this to happen? Why? Please, pray and ask God for wisdom, knowledge to do right. This is not right at all. Do you have children? Don’t you want to do what is right? This is unacceptable, to be so murderous, to allow such a horrible act to take place you all are so wrong, I implore you to do the right thing. Please STOP this killing!.

  16. maggie

    The wolf as with all wild natural predators are the hub of our environment. Without the wolves our whole ecosystem is thrown off balance. They are intelligent, majestic animals that are essential to the continued survival of our environment.

  17. PJ Parker

    As I sit here weeping for these defenseless animals, who had no forewarning of their impending horror, I alert you to an exerpt from a Reuters release:

    Competitive hunting of wolves, coyotes in Idaho sparks outcry
    http://reut.rs/1d8Fi5G via @reuters

    Lynne Stone, director of the Boulder-White Clouds Council, an Idaho conservation group, called the planned wolf-coyote derby “an organized killing contest.”

    “Stacking up dead animals and awarding children for killing them has no place in a civilized society,” she said.

    But Barbara Soper, whose 11-year-old daughter has registered to team with an adult hunter for the Idaho competition, said she and her husband are all for it.
    “It’s my daughter’s first big adventure, and she thinks it’s awesome,” Soper said.

  18. Candice Romanow

    Stop being barbarians. There is more to life than senseless killing. The wolves I have known have hearts as big as the world. Please let them live.

  19. Jeanne Tedesco

    I travel a lot and I spend a lot of my time in the Western states for skiing , traveling, sightseeing, vacationing etc. I guarantee you as long as this event and others like it continue I will not ever spend a dime in your state. the people who sanction these hunts are barbaric and you should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Patricia

    The judge has decided to allow the hunt. It seems the ranchers ( who don’t know how to build a fence high enough to keep the “predators” out) and the hunters who “just gotta kill something” are more important money wise than the lives of the wolves. Do you remember how people would round up Bison in a pen and shoot them ? Same mentality.

  21. Carrie

    Our family is horrified that any human could condone or participate in the unnecessary slaughter of wildlife…let alone our endangered wolves. We will never visit Idaho again because of the ignorant, heartless attitudes and actions of those who allow this event to proceed.

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