Wolf rally in DC, © Defenders of Wildlife

Washington Wolf Supporters Howl for Wolf Recovery & Oppose Stripping Federal Protections

In advance of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to strip federal protection for most gray wolves in the contiguous 48 states, the Agency denied Washingtonians the opportunity to testify in opposition by refusing to hold a public hearing in the Pacific Northwest.  This did not go over well in Washington! In fact, over 100 citizens decided to host their own hearing on Sunday December 15th to oppose stripping federal protections for gray wolves.

Citizen testimony, © Sierra Club

The three hour rally and citizens hearing brought people together from across Washington. I was most impressed with the number of impassioned young people who attended the event and are clearly committed to making sure wolves don’t disappear in Washington again.The rally and citizens hearing, which was co-sponsored by the Sierra Club, received coverage by two of Seattle television stations.During the first part of the event, folks made beautiful, graphic and compelling signs supporting wolves. Some of the signs read: “Wolves have a niche in Nature, don’t scratch that niche” “Don’t delist” and “Howl for Wolves.”They also had an opportunity to meet and network with fellow activists while eating cake and enjoying each other’s camaraderie. Defenders board members Cassie Carroll and Ruth Musgrave did the honors of cutting the cake.Next came speeches a few speeches: The Endangered Species Act & the Wolf: A Story of Betrayal; Wolves and the Next Generation; Wilderness, Wilderness and Wolves; and Wolves in National Parks – More Important Than Just Eating Vampires. The lively crowd howled, laughed and booed when appropriate. The arts also graced this time with a reading of Mary Oliver’s poem Meeting Wolf and a captivating storytelling performance.

©Sierra Club

(© Sierra Club)

The afternoon was closed by riveting, compelling, poignant and at times funny testimony. Citizens recounted their encounters with wolves. A particularly compelling testimony came from a teenager who had an encounter with a wolf while cross-country skiing. Other speakers brought pictures of wolf prints from Washington’s Teanaway Pack, taken the day before. All participants echoed the sentiment that wolves play a vital role in maintaining healthy and viable habitat for all wildlife.The day ended with a chorus of howls and a pledge to work together on protecting our wildlife in Washington and across the United States.

 –John Rosapepe, Defenders of Wildlife Washington State Outreach Representative


9 Responses to “Washington Wolf Supporters Howl for Wolf Recovery & Oppose Stripping Federal Protections”

  1. Melody Fitzpatrick

    I wish they would have meetings here in Spokane as well. There are a lot of us here as well that want the wolves protected.

  2. Colleen O'Hara

    Can Defenders get some wolf activism going in Oregon? I have volunteered to help, but there is nothing going on here. I would love to be actively involved in protection of wolves. Thank you!

  3. Danielle Leroux

    Wolves were first, humans second. We need them and they need us to protect them.

  4. debra taylor

    I dont understand why folks want to kill animals.. wolves are like wonderful wild dogs..

  5. Richard Caldwell

    Idaho Dept of Fish and Game hired a bounty hunter to enter the Frank Church Wilderness area to shoot and trap wolves -entire packs.

  6. laura jablonowski

    We need the wolves they were here way before us..leave their land and them alone..its not right what the goverment has done.. I hope there is a special hell for these people

  7. Patricia Randolph

    ORGANIZE politically. If every wolf lover found 10 others to join us POLITICALLY for targeting legislators pandering to wolf haters and wildlife destroyers, and taught each of them to get through their circle of influence to find 10 each – we could grow this movement fast.

    We must change state funding from killing licenses to general public funding wildlife lovers already bring to state tax coffers ( ten to 40 times the revenue of hunters) – and demand fair representation on natural resource boards and VOTE OUT those legislators who pander to killing interests that are VERY ORGANIZED politically.

    We are the majority but we are not organized politically. Nice thoughts will not help the wolves and other wildlife treated like cannon fodder.
    Get the book WILD LAW by Cormac Cullinan – we need to change draconian laws that reflect Descartes and the 1700’s – end trapping – stop the killing. But it will take serious grassroots organizing. Each of must outreach and NOW.

  8. Kris Kennedy

    Colleen O’Hara, here are some other websites that you can check out and contact that will likely be able to tell you where there are some volunteer opportunities in Oregon. Also look up Oregon wolf sanctuaries on the internet.






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