Mexican gray wolf pup, © USFWS

Audit of Wildlife Services to be Conducted in 2014

Success! You asked for it and you got it! Thanks to over 73,000 of you (and a few Congressional requests) the United States Department of Agriculture’s Inspector General has confirmed that they would be undertaking an audit of Wildlife Services’ Predator Control program in 2014.

The audit will likely include goals such as:

  • Determine if APHIS Wildlife Services predator control activities are justified and effective
  • Determine if processes to ensure transparency over predatory activities are adequate
  • Examine controls over cooperator agreements
  • Assess equity of shared costs between cooperators

These topics are just what we asked for and exactly what needs investigating.

Wildlife Services quietly spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars eliminating over 100,000 native carnivores, including hundreds of wolves, each year. This ‘hit-man for hire’ arm of the USDA gets away with operating like a private contractor while taxpayers like you and me foot the bill. There is plenty of evidence suggesting lethal control is not the most effective solution in every situation, and significant success with non-lethal coexistence, yet Wildlife Services does not have to justify what type of management they choose, or even prove they tried non-lethal management first.

This is a step in the right direction and we look forward to the results of the audit which will hopefully illuminate and lead to reform of some of Wildlife Services’ practices.

Charlotte Conley, Conservation Associate 

6 Responses to “Audit of Wildlife Services to be Conducted in 2014”

  1. LuAnn MacMahon

    Well this is wonderful! I do hope that the auditors are reputable, and that the reports are beneficial to the preservation of one of america’s most beautiful and important animals. Thank you all!

  2. Randy Haugen

    Thank you and keep in mind the Wolf and other species are Our resources and We Must preserve them.

  3. Wendy Sells

    with all of the Wolfs we all should all protect all of the wild animals like the Wolfs and the Mountain lion and as well as the underwater mammals like the Humpback Whales and the seals and other wild animals as well from Wendy Sells

  4. Wendy Sells

    I(WENDY SELLS) love all of the wild animals like the wolfs and the underwater mammals like the Humpback Whales as well as the wild animals like the wild American eagles and the golden eagles as well and we also need to protect our American eagles as well as the golden eagles at the same time because the American eagles are our presidents national bird as well as the golden eagle as well from Wendy Sells

  5. Pia Thurland

    All wildlife need alot of help and protection from so many people who want to kill them! Especially the wolves……they need alot of help…… hurts to think of all the wolves that are being trapped, and suffer a slow death….and other wolves who are being killed on sight……and now somewhere they’re having a competition who can kill the biggest wolf?……it’s so disgusting…….please keep fighting for the wildlife……thank you.

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