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Wolf Weekly Wrap-up

Lessons Learned –Defenders’ wolf expert Suzanne Stone gave an evening presentation on Coexistence with Wolves in Washington at the Seattle University Friends Hall on October 28th, and 300 people attended.  The lecture hall was packed and the students asked great questions.  Many had been tracking the wolf issue closely and some are working now on wolf related research in Washington.  We also had several students ask to volunteer for us.  It’s encouraging to see such enthusiasm and interest in bright and talented students.

Members make the call – Defenders members picked up the phone this week and called Washington Governor Inslee’s office to let him know they oppose Washington Department Fish and Wildlife’s support for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposed delisting of wolves in the western part of the state and other states where wolves may return. They also asked Governor Inslee to contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and ask for a hearing in Washington on the delisting proposal given that more than 75% of the state’s citizens support wolf recovery in the Evergreen State.

Crying Wolf in New Mexico – Some residents of rural New Mexico have constructed wood and mesh ‘kid cages’ purportedly to protect their children from predators lurking near the bus stop. But Mexican gray wolves aren’t a threat to children OR adults; there has never been an attack on a human by a Mexican gray wolf in the Southwest. In fact, wolves are generally intimidated by people. About 75 non-captive Mexican gray wolves remain in the United States, and this population is struggling against a second extinction in the wild.

So what is all the recent howling about? Well, it’s not really about wolves. As Daniel MacNulty, a wildlife biologist who studies wolves in Yellowstone, said in a recent article, “[the cages are] a publicity stunt designed to stoke opposition to Mexican wolf recovery in general and to the federal government in particular.”

And therein lies the heart of the issue – anti-wolf propagandists promoting these ‘kid cages’ even admit it; David Spady, California Director of Americans for Prosperity, “readily agreed that wolves are a launching pad to air an array of grievances, from taxes to state’s rights.”

©Chagares Photography

©Chagares Photography

Anti-wolf individuals are going to extreme measures in other places as well showing that things are getting out of hand and anti-wolf factions are not treating wolves like other wildlife, – But some people have had enough.  Read the article by Todd Wilkinson in New West this week, prompted by a recent incident in Wyoming.  We’re in court fighting against Wyoming’s no-wolf zone where this tragic incident occurred.  Our hearing date is set for December 17, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Time to speak up! – For all of those that haven’t heard, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the rescheduled dates for the remainder of the public hearings.  Yes, this means you still have time to submit your comments telling the Fish and Wildlife Service to maintain federal protections for gray wolves until they are fully recovered in places like Colorado, the Northwest, and California, and to implement a real recover plan for Mexican gray wolves. The hearings will take place as listed below:

  • November 19 in Denver, Colorado
  • November 20 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • November 22 in Sacramento, California
  • December 3 in Pinetop, Arizona

For more information on the hearings and how you can help visit: www.savewolves.org.


John Yeingst is Defenders’ Communications Coordinator

13 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-up”

  1. Candy Copeland

    Thank you for sharing the link to Todd Wilkinson’s article in New West. As a Wolf Advocate I am often shocked and amazed at the sensationalism in people’s publicly posted comments put in print. And their total stupidity of openly stating they will kill Wolves if given the chance. Example here : http://bit.ly/1cTBTLI
    I hope soon, all will realize that real solutions are needed and if they have nothing constructive to add to the process then they should stay out of it.

  2. Natalie Kruse

    I wish you would have hearing in Idaho. We need one so that the govt can see that there are people here that are pro wolf

  3. robin k naylor

    The majority of americans support our iconic gray wolves and demand federal protection for these magnificent animals.There is no denying the extensive scientific data presented by wolf experts/conservationists and scientists,which clearly states the importance of wolves in our eco-system and states that wolf recovery is not complete.Prejudiced,baised policies and ignorance is the perfect storm/path to extinction of a species.History does repeat itself.We will not allow this to happen again! We are educated,compassionate americans who demand continued federal protection for our wolves!

  4. hank perry

    I think a key point in the highly disturbing report (link) that was made is “the slaughter of wolves continues to escalate as wolf hunters fall deeper in their paranoid fantasy that the wolf represents a liberal conspiracy against rural communities.” Result: 1100 wolves killed legally, usually within 1 mile of a National Park, since 2011. Please take a look at this excellent analysis and opinion.

  5. Timothy Hill

    My heart bleeds as humanity has sunk to an all time low. Do we honestly think the killing if innocent animals is the right thing to do? Well I have to tell you, it isn’t. These animals are the only living creatures on this planet that are living as God intended them to. They hunt as a pack, migrate as a pack and die as a pack. I have many brothers and sisters that are of various Native American descent, and we all know that for a fact that wolves are vital to humanities culture, not only as a teaching tool, or as a beautiful animal to see in natures grand theatre, but also as our brothers and sisters as well. You see, we all come from Mother Earth at the command of the Great Spirit, to be born. We all shall return to Mother Earth at the command of the Great Spirit, when we die…..

    Timothy Hill Choctaw

  6. Cindy Brandon

    Please do everything to help wolves they are wonderful creatures. They don’t mean any harm they are just trying to survive. They play a huge part in the Eco System. This world needs them. You wouldn’t shoot your dog would you ? They are just wild dogs. Thanks so much .

  7. Dr. Moore

    Wolves are a threat to humans, to livestock, pets and most other animals. It was silly for the FWS to acquiesce to the demands of a few pantheists in organizations like “defenders of wildlife” and several other “preservationist” groups and re-introduce wolves into areas where humans live, and it is idiocy to attempt to expand this silliness when the threat to humans is so obvious. ALL OF THE WOLVES IN THE WORLD ARE NOT WORTH THE LIFE OF ONE HUMAN!!!

  8. Tim Cammers

    You know I have you backs on all of this I am willing to do my part to help fight for my wolf brothers and sisters. I want to do more. I want to be there to. I know everyone can get everything here. I will do whatever it takes even if it means going to hell and back for them to make sure they can be free without being attacked or something. I am here.

  9. Mary Young

    I beg to differ with you, DR. Moore. I would feel safer in the woods alone with 10 wolves, rather than 10 human strangers. I believe you need some education, sir.

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