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Government Shutdown? We’re Still Howling.

The government may have shut down, but they can’t silence wolf supporters. Despite the shutdown, Defenders is going ahead with planned trainings and public events for wolves on Wednesday in Sacramento and Friday in Albuquerque.

Due to the shutdown of the federal government, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has officially postponed its scheduled public hearings on their ill-conceived proposal to remove Endangered Species Act protections for most gray wolf populations. The agency had planned to hold hearings in Sacramento, CA on October 2nd and Albuquerque, NM on October 4th.

However, in anticipation of these hearings being rescheduled, Defenders of Wildlife is still holding training sessions and gathering of wolf supporter we’ve planned in these cities. The October 2nd Sacramento training session and show of support for wolves will begin at 3:30 pm. The location is: Clarion Inn, Comstock Room 1401 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95815.

The October 4th Albuquerque training session and show of support for wolves will begin at 3:30 pm. The location is: Embassy Suites, Sierra Ballroom 1000 Woodward Place NE Albuquerque, NM 87102.

We must express strong opposition to FWS’s wolf delisting proposal, and Defenders urges citizens to make their voices heard when the Sacramento and Albuquerque hearings are rescheduled. This week’s gatherings and trainings will be our only opportunity for in-person meeting before the hearings take place. At the events, we will:

  • Make sure you are prepared for the public hearing when it is rescheduled
  • Strategize for future actions
  • Enable citizens meet other wolf supporters
  • Write official comments to FWS, and
  • Show FWS that even with a government shutdown, they can’t ignore our voice!

Defenders of Wildlife encourages wolf supporters to attend this week’s events if at all possible. We will let you know when the Fish and Wildlife Service reschedules the hearings. Thank you for your continued support for wolves and hope we see you this week in Sacramento or Albuquerque!

21 Responses to “Government Shutdown? We’re Still Howling.”

  1. Nasrene MacDonald

    Wolves need protection! They are too vulnerable without it. They are crucial to maintaining the balance of nature!

  2. Rochelle Willis

    The government has been nothing but “bad” news for wildlife for over 13 years now so with it shutting down, it probably doesn’t make much difference to those living in the wild.

  3. Lynne Burgess

    The gray wolf will become extinct unless you put protective laws around it. There is no reason to eradicate these beautiful animals. We have already raped the Earth of so many of her gifts. Please save the gray wolf. It is as much a being on the earth as you or I. It deserves our protection !

  4. P. Dyer

    A person who actually enjoys killing a wolf would probably enjoy killing their own dog. That’s how much class such a person has.

  5. cynthia longmire

    It is amazing to me how anyone can fight so hard to keep these beautiful creatures safe. Win the fight, have it torn out from under them and have to start again. Keep them protected once and for all. They deserve the right to live in the wilderness safe to run the woodlands and raise there familys. Just as much as any other creature… yes even humans! Keep on fighting!

  6. Shivereytimbers

    Pres. Obama help us with this fight your children future and our future the wolves future, I was there for you now be there for me and Our Wolves!

  7. cassio saverino

    Maintain and respect mother nature and protect these misunderstood and maligned animals. Protect the wolves.

  8. Deb Reis

    Please Mr. President, keep Wolves on the Endangered Species List….All of this killing just has to stop! I am afraid it will encourage more and more people to pick up a gun and kill anything…even humans! We need wolves in the environment because they balance the eco-system. Hunters kill the biggest and best of the herd whereas wolves prey on the sick and the old which actually makes the herd stronger. It is so obvious to see that wealthy ranchers and some arrogant leaders are paying a lot of money to support hunting and trapping. We who love to watch them, out number these people!
    Please stop this killing!

  9. Martha Waller

    They were here before a lot of us and they now need protection from the “Big Bad Wolves”, called humans….They need our help to keep their rights of “freedom” . Please put them back on the “Endangered List”….

  10. Aaron Hubert

    This shows how little the government cares about wildlife. I do have a soft spot for wolves but this just one of many issues where government turns its back on wildlife. These wolvese need protection. While its true wolves have made a come back, thy have not been managed like other wildlife. They are met with brutality

  11. Yolanda Reynolds

    I agree, we need to protect these beautiful animals & treat them with respect & not like throw aways.

  12. Jeffrey Albert Geist

    @Shivereytimbers. President Obama will not help you; he is the enemy of wolves. He is the leader of the frackers, the drillers, the miners, the lumberers. He is a Machiavellian man. He is not who he tries to appear to be. He, like the corporate plutocracy that props him up as a puppet for their will, wants wolves killed all throughout the US, given that they are wide-ranging animals, and – if allowed to be on the ESL, is terrified that habitat related protections for them in their wanderings in a true “RECOVERY” which he, and his plebes, the Fish & Wildlife Dept/Service) have no interest in whatsoever (that was always a lie), accruing to their ESL status, might possibly create habitat inhibitions for the frackers, drillers of all kinds, and lumberman – which he is far more in debt to than pro-wolf people, not to mention wolves themselves – Nor will he address that wolves get blamed for elk killings – far more of which occur as the results of poachers, particularly in the NW (elk has become a regular part of their diet), by the very same poachers. This is going on all the time. The state of ID recently told its citizens that it would do everything possible to increase elk heards. I have been there and seen them at their winder food and water feels in non-moving heards, as if cattle, waiting for their sustenance form the that state. I have also seen this in MT. It is all BS, and I called it as such, to the F&W department in W\A DC in the Dept of the Interior bldg, which they did not like. But that was how we turned stuff in the 60s; yes, by calling it out for what it is. Playing politics with professional politicians is a losing came. Signing petitions that will be disregarding by Plutocratic rulers and their plebes, which include Obama, will get us nowhere in saving wlolves. A spade must be called a spade. Unfortunately no one seems to get this. They feel that doing the minuet with these thieves and killers will get the right thing done, and they are wrong. Truth in the face is the only thing that works. Meanwhile, it’s starting to feel too light. Perhaps an Alec Baldwin, a Michael Jordan, a Barbara Streisand could go on a talk show about saving wolves. My guess, howeve,r is that the networks will not let this happen for fear of being shut down by a government, which – in truth – is nowhere close tto the democracy most Americans still think it is, or – if not – are too fatigued to tangle with.

  13. Jeffrey Albert Geist

    At hearings for wolf before F&W Service, was very disappointed that nobody but myself talked about the poaching going on the the NW states, that wolves are blamed for, very disappointed that none of the speakers but myself (who was cut off) addressed the fracking, drilling, lumbering mining connections to delisting, particularly throughout the entire US, where wolves haven’t gotten back to yet, as the most important reason for this legislation here, and to come, is that Plutocrat Power Pigs who actuallly run the country and control Obama do not want this wide-ranging animal to keep them from – due to any remote possibility of habitat restraints upon them accruing the Endangered Species status – dirilling, mining, or lumbering ANYWHEREA. Very disapppointed. that I was the only speak (I was number 2) who went after them on this level. What are you pussyfooting around for? Do you not know that time is up NOW?

  14. Frank Gorecki

    I think that the most effective approach to engaging in the hearings is a two pronged approach:
    1. Speak from the science and the data regarding wolf populatins and the critical mass needed to restore them especially in areas like Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.
    2. Speak passionately and with conviction but also in a civil manner. Engage the FWS employees with the same language that you would want to hear from those who oppose wolf protection i.e. civil discourse.

  15. Evelyn Ford

    Thanks to those who are speaking up for the wolves. They are so misunderstood.
    If people would just educate themselves about wolves they wouldn’t want to kill them. Wishing you a great success in trying to protect them!

  16. Rosemary Lowe

    I am concerned to see a lack of discussion or concern about the major player in this wolf slaughter: The Livestock Industry. Many of the “poachers” are also livestock industry ranchers, who have a long history (since 1800’s) of hatred, intolerance, ignorance and prejudice against all so-called “predators” like wolves, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, prairie dogs, hawks, badgers, bears and other native wild animals. This War Against Wildlife is initiated and supported by this environmentally-destructive industry across The West, and funded by the Federal Government Agency, called Wildlife Services (aka Animal Damage Control). This agency slaughters millions of native wild animals every year, with poisoning, denning (burning out the young), aerial & ground shooting, and trapping. This slaughter is political, and science has nothing to do with it.
    People who care about the future of native wild animals need to understand who the Enemy is: Hunters are trappers, are ranchers, and they do not care about “science” or “conservation.” All the science in the world will not sway this industry. Yes, there are a few ranchers here and there who may not kill wolves, and Defenders works with such on non-lethal methods of “control.” But, the wolves really do not need the control. The Livestock Industry is out of control, along with its Rogue Agency, Wildlife Services (no service to wildlife!).
    We who care about wildlife have allowed the Livestock Industry to continue grazing exotic livestock on our Public Lands, at taxpayer expense,(they are heavily subsidized). They graze livestock on National Forests, wilderness areas, BLM, National Wildlife Refuges, and state lands, denuding native grasses and soils, polluting streams, increasing erosion & exacerbate Climate Change. Then, they demand that native wildlife be “controlled” or eliminated so their livestock have more room.
    So, the next time caring people cry about the wolf slaughter, please remember who the real enemy is: The Livestock Industry has never supported any protection or reintroduction of native wildlife–ever. And it never will, because it has a long-standing, entrenched hatred of any wild animals which they deem as “competition.”
    There will be No Peace or Justice for Wildlife until we get the Livestock Industry Off our Public Lands! Please check this petition site out:
    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/343/829/766/stop-public-lands-ranching/The Public Lands Ranching Industry is destroying National Forests, BLM lands, wilderness areas and state lands in The West. Ranchers get to graze livestock, which are exotic animals, on our fragile public lands at below-market grazing

  17. Gail Koller

    And he made the earth and saw it was good. And he made the animals and saw they were good. Then he made humans they are supposed to be good.

  18. David J. Chavez

    As an conservative Republican Idahoan I am proud to say I am vigorously opposed to removing wolves from Endangered Species Act Protection. I am very disappointed that many of our politicians are not interested in managing our public lands in a reasonable manner. They refuse to take into account expert opinion on why wolves are a vital part of our wilderness lands.Such a majestic creature is being decimated by those who suffer the sin of greed.I feel like this is a losing battle however I will not give up, I will continue to support Defenders of wildlife and may even venture forth on the local level to openly show my support.

  19. Sheryl Lee

    I am proud to say I am vigorously opposed to removing wolves from Endangered Species Act Protection. I am very disappointed that many of our politicians are not interested in managing our public lands in a reasonable manner. They refuse to take into account expert opinion on why wolves are a vital part of our wilderness lands.Such a majestic creature is being decimated by those who suffer the sin of greed it makes me sick . Remember it was and is there land way before it was man kinds .

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