Defenders Hosts 7th Annual Wildlife Conservation Awards

John Yeingst, Communications Coordinator

Defenders of Wildlife celebrated its 2013 Wildlife Conservation Awards Dinner on Thursday.  250 guests attended, including members of Defenders’ Board of Directors and National Council, members of Congress and other supporters who traveled from as far as Arizona, California and Florida to celebrate our award recipients. The event raised over $300,000 in vital funds to support Defenders’ mission to protect our nation’s wildlife and special places.

Four individuals were recognized for their exceptional achievements in the areas of public service, science advocacy, science and lifetime achievement.  Author, Emmy-Award winning entertainer and Defenders Board member Jeff Corwin hosted the ceremony, and two co-chairs and Defenders Board members also attended: Caroline D. Gabel and Emmy Award winner Ed Asner.

Ed Asner and Jamie Rappaport Clark

Ed Asner and Jamie Rappaport Clark

Defenders was delighted to honor Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Nick Wiley, with the Spirit of Defenders Public Service Award for his dedication to a wide range of conservation issues such as sustainable management of American alligators to getting youth outdoors.  As a field biologist, Wiley is most recognized for his dedication to the preservation of our nation’s heritage.

The Spirit of Defenders Citizen Advocacy Award was given to The Honorable Nathaniel P. Reed, a committed advocate for wildlife and public lands conservation for more than four decades.  Reed has played a major role in the advancement of some of the most important environmental treaties and laws such as the Endangered Species Act, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Author and professor at Princeton University, Dr. David S. Wilcove was presented with the Spirit of Defenders Science Award for his development of scientific strategies aimed at protecting wildlife and endangered species.  Through his publications, Dr. Wilcove has helped open the eyes of the public to the importance of conservation biology, biogeography and ornithology.

Defenders president Jamie Rappaport Clark with guests and awardees at the 2013 Annual Awards Dinner

Defenders president Jamie Rappaport Clark with guests and awardees at the 2013 Annual Awards Dinner

Professor John D. Leshy, a lawyer in the Interior Department throughout the Clinton Administration and co-founder of the western office of the Natural Resources Defense Council, was honored with the Legacy Award.  As an advocate for the Endangered Species Act, Prof. Leshy’s commitment to public lands conservation and public service truly marks him as one of the most significant conservationists today.

Thank you to those who supported this exciting event and to our award winners for their commitment to defending imperiled wildlife and habitats!


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2 Responses to “Defenders Hosts 7th Annual Wildlife Conservation Awards”

  1. Linda Barcus

    I’m a little late seeing this news, but congratulations to everyone at Defenders! I deeply appreciate all the hard work and effort everyone in this organization puts forth in order to save our precious wildlife (especially our beloved wolves!!) I am proud to be a member of this fine organization, and I would love to do even more to help in any way I can! Thank you, Defenders!!!

  2. Jeffrey Albert Geist

    You keep talking about the USFWS, who I have written to at least 5 times, I have testrified to (when Jamie was present; I was the second speaker). You know the Fish and Wildlife Dept isn’t making any decisions; they are going thru the motions. The Hearing I went to was a SHAM. The wolves are being exterminated because the land an ESA-wolf wanders over is implicitly going to, at least to some extent, be protected by habitat constrictions that frackers, sand tar oilers, drillers, diggers, and cutters or all time feel will impedte them in wanting to frack all over the country. Therefore they will not allow wolves to be listed. They will gradually strip away any protections for cougars that exist and Montana has already said it’s going to start rremoving restrictions from Grizlzly bears. So to ask us to write letters to FWS when they continually turn away petitioins clearly showing the majority of Americans are in favor of wolves is not calling a spade a spade. President Obama and his cronies, the usual suspects – the sand tars oils corporations, the fracking corporations, etc., etc., who control him have to be CALLED OUT BY NAME. Why are you afraid of this. Are you afraid they’ll take grants away. Are you afraid all your beltway deals with Senators will cave in? The system IS NOT WORKING. Time to SAY THAT TO YOUR PUBLIC. You will never have large protests till you do. Due process isn’t happening. These people are all liars holding onto their jobsl. Jamie, I’ve sent you a number of letters, I’ve talked to other exec directors of other environmental agencies, they all agree with me, but all get wishy washy when it comes to doing anything – like calling out GD Obama. When you write to Fish and Wildlife and are told not to be passionate because or too direct because your letters will just be thrown out what’s that telling you. Stop playing the GD game and begging them to do the write thing, stepping over egg shells all the while. That won’t work. That’s what they want you to doi. They have decided to exterminate wolves in the US for the sake of despoliation of the country for the sake of personal greed. I was called back by Inga who told me you got my messages, but I’ve never heard from you. I know you’re busy, but so am I. Furthermore you know I’m write. It insults us for you task money year after year for what you’re going to do in terms of educating people about wolf hatred and all that stuff when you know as well as I do what’s really going on. You’ve got to call them out. You”ve got to take a risk. This is about wolves, but it’s also about fracking. Make the connection. Let people see something that makes sense. Most people think wolves live only in mythology. Tell them a whole race of animals is being exploiting by greedy pigs that is also endangering people. Please get back. We don’t have any more time. Obama’s an A-hole and you know it. He’s the biggest liar I’ve ever seen I’m NOT a Repub. Stop playing the game. The Power People twist the laws the way they want to. The system doesn’t work. Activate the peopole to rise up. Or else, how are you going to live with yourself.? Playing the game with a system that’s corrupted with people who don’t honor the laws doesn’t work. Stop worrying about possibly offending the FWS. They’re taking orders from Obama. Nobody knows who Sally Jewell is. They know who Obama is.

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