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Wolf Weekly Wrap-up

CEOs urge Sally Jewell to maintain wolf protections – Top environmental leaders sent a letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell yesterday, asking her NOT to strip Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves nationwide. The pending national delisting proposal is expected to be released any day now and would remove federal  protections for gray wolves everywhere except for in the Southwest. The letter, signed by the chief executives of Defenders and five other prominent conservation groups, says the premature delisting would be disastrous for gray wolf recovery in America.

“Maintaining federal protections for wolves is essential for continued species recovery, and the unwarranted assault on wolves that commenced in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho after wolves in those states lost federal protections highlights the increasingly hostile anti-wolf policies of states now charged with ensuring the survival of gray wolf populations.”

The fate of America’s wolves is now in the hands of Secretary Jewell. Please contact her today and urge her to cancel plans to delist gray wolves across much of the lower 48 states. Help us reach our goal of sending 250,000 messages in support of continued wolf recovery!

Sheep rancher kills Yellowstone wolf – Hunting season is over in Wyoming, Montana and nearly all of Idaho, but that doesn’t mean wolves are no longer in danger. On Monday a rancher just near Gardiner, Montana killed a collared female wolf that he suspected of attacking his flock of sheep. The wolf, known as 831F, came from the Canyon Pack that spends much of its time in the Hayden Valley of Yellowstone National Park.

Federal investigators had determined that two wolves were responsible for killing 18 sheep, and the rancher was given two kill-on-sight permits as a result. However, lead Yellowstone wolf biologist Doug Smith told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that 831F was not the wolf responsible for the livestock losses. Instead, she was likely drawn into the area after the rancher left the carcasses on a bone pile on his property.

While some environmental groups suspect foul play, we see this as yet another important reminder of the importance of finding ways for people and wildlife to coexist on the landscape.

See the full news report from KPAX below:

3 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-up”

  1. Rick

    William Hoppee who is a outfitter in the area and has vowed to kill all wolves and a RMEF member and trapper,bought a buch of sheep and some got killed so he baited wolves in and shot them , just like Coke Wallace did with his horse in Denali

  2. renee jeanine ragno

    We need to stampede our respresenatives to get them to stop this. Where is the media?

    We also need to BOYCOTT these states…..only way to get them to pay attention is to hit them where it hurt…….money, business, commerce. When they see, feel that……..

    A group of us were doing a big trip tot hese states…hiking, horseback riding, etc. we cancelled it that’s a big $loss

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