The Votes Are In!

We received thousands of fantastic photos of wildlife and wild lands in this year’s photo contest, and you helped us select winners by voting for your favorites. To see the winners of Defenders of Wildlife’s 4th annual photo contest, including who will be going on a wildlife photography tour with professional photographer Jess Lee, click here!

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the contest this year. We had some really fantastic photos, and it was hard to narrow it down to just the top ten for voting. If you want to see more great photos of wildlife and wild lands, here are 10 honorable mentions from this year’s submissions:

[portfolio_slideshow id=21846]

12 Responses to “The Votes Are In!”

  1. Kimberlie Calkins

    Both myself and family love the photo’s ! Great choice’s ! Are you going to make a calendar , using them ? They would make great show and offer’s ! ??? If so would like to get one ! Your Animals and nature friend : kimberliecalkins

  2. Linda W.

    Whoo-Hoo! First time I voted in a long time, and Mama Polar Bear and her Cubs was the sweetest, most loving photo….
    I also loved the Milkey Way one…WOW! And the bear in the tree…LOL
    This is one of my favorite, if not most favorite, of all animal and wildlife charities. Thank you, Defenders! You help out our wolves, bears… and national parks, and so many other forms of wildlife! God Bless.

  3. Judith Kelly

    Dear DOW:

    The photos on your website & the winners are exquisite! Some of them almost take my breath away. The polar bear mother with her cubs is truly a winner! The scenes are surreal, and I am amazed at the array of beautiful colors. It was almost as if you are right there. Thank you for your beautiful photos and for all your hard work for the protection of our beautiful wildlife.

  4. Cristina

    This picures are wonderfull because they are WONDERFULL!!!

  5. +Nancy Wren

    Where was the photograph by Philip Kuntz (2nd place Wild Lands)taken?

    • Defenders of Wildlife

      Hi Nancy. It was taken at the Two Medicine area in Glacier National Park.

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