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Wolf Weekly Wrap-up

1,000 wolves dead and gone – It’s sad, but true. In just a year and half at least 1,000 wolves have been killed by hunters and trappers in the Northern Rockies. That doesn’t include hundreds more that were removed by state and federal wildlife agents in response to reported livestock losses and to boost elk and deer herds. Nor does it count dozens more that were illegally poached.

Here are the grim numbers, tallied yesterday:

1000 wolf breakdown

Click here for details from Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

While we’ve yet to see estimates of how many wolves still remain in the region, the numbers could be falling fast. According to state officials, more than 400 wolves died in Idaho in 2012 from all causes—more than half the 2011 year-end count. At this rate, the regional wolf population could plummet quickly.

Wolves in Idaho and Montana lost their federal protection less than two years ago, and in Wyoming it’s been just five months. Yet overly aggressive management by all three states is once again putting the species at risk. To make matters worse, anti-wolf legislators in Montana and Idaho are already pushing to escalate wolf-killing efforts even further. Idaho legislators want to let people bait wolves with other dead wolves – really! – and Montana legislators want to give away free wolf licenses and ban hunting and trapping closures near Yellowstone National Park. That’s why we need you to help us fight these short-sighted bills at every turn. Stay tuned for more details to come in the weeks ahead.



5 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-up”

  1. Mary Duffe

    I feel so much for these wolves both emotionally and intellectually. There is no sense in what these murderers, killers have done in eliminating these important living beings. What humans do on this earth will be reflected in future years to come and for the wolves that were killed, it is one tragedy and mistake that cannot be undone to nature and in the end, mother nature always has the say, one way or the other. Human beings can either help take care of it, or give way to think their shit don’t stink. The government helping along with this slaughter of wolves that should not be, reflects on the audacity of how they take care of things in the first place. Who cares?????? I do. Sincerely, Mary Duffe

  2. Millie Sheen

    1,000 WOLVES HAVE BEEN KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!! for what? A fur coat and so

    that a few cows can be killed anyway!!!!! Why don’t people just

    leave our wildlife alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop killing the


    what have they ever done to us? Oh yeah kill a couple cattle so they

    can feed their starving pups! We have no right to go around killing

    them! They have right to eat. Stop making their life hard. What do

    you think they go through when a member of the pack doesn’t return?

    They have a right to live STOP KILLING THEM NEEDLESSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Vanessa Wolfe

    This is heartbreaking and it is genocide, no one has the right to kill any creature let alone push it to the point of total extermination. All of you in the US who value your wolves must unite and fight these red neck vile barbarians, who I would hope are a minority, surely your numbers would turn the tide. These are very desperate times, don’t wait please, everyday matters.

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