What a Week.

Nearly 700 amazing photos have been posted in support of wolves.

Last week, we saw some amazing things. In response to the 1-year anniversary of Northern Rockies gray wolves being stripped of Endangered Species Act protections, thousands of caring people declared April 30-May 4 the “Week of Action for Wolves.”

We sent over 72,000 messages to Idaho Governor Butch Otter.

We targeted Congress with 40,000 messages.

Over 35,000 messages have been delivered to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

And hundreds of caring people posted photos in support of wolves.

Now, will you help us continue our efforts to protect wolves across the Northern Rockies? It’s only been one-year since the federal delisting, but in that time, Idaho alone has killed off over 400 wolves. Consider making a donation now.

Your donation will support our five-point plan to ensure a lasting future for wolves by:

  • Countering anti-wolf policies and rhetoric on the ground through media outreach, grassroots mobilization and public education;
  • Highlighting Idaho’s failure to live up to its original promise to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to manage wolf populations at numbers between 518-732 wolves and its current extreme plan to drive wolf populations down to a mere 150 wolves;
  • Holding the Obama administration to its commitment to ensure the states maintain recovered wolf populations;
  • Bringing science back to the process by urging studies of wolf populations and how they’re affected by such extreme lethal management;
  • Expanding our pioneering on-the-ground coexistence work with ranchers to keep wolves out of harm’s way.

Take a look at some of the amazing photos that our supporters posted on facebook.