Oiled Pelican, © AP / Charlie Riedel

Spill Baby Spill

It’s been more than two years since the BP oil spill that spewed 200 million gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico, but not all the damage has yet been done.

sperm whale tail and oil rigAccording to the latest AP report, the lingering effects are still taking a toll on fishermen in the Gulf, who are seeing much smaller catches in some areas. In the Barataria estuary, for example, the shrimp haul for last fall was down nearly 40 percent while the crab harvest was down nearly 30 percent.

High seafood prices have helped compensate for the shortfall to some extent, and some are blaming high water in the Mississippi River and drought in Texas in addition to residual oil. But it’s clear that we haven’t seen the last of the devastation from the spill.

It’s vital that we keep the BP disaster in mind, especially now that the Obama administration has agreed to let Shell drill in the Arctic this summer. Polar bears, whales and countless other species could be at serious risk from yet another oil spill that could be even more deadly than the BP spill in the Gulf.

See how Defenders is working to protect wildlife and natural habitats from the dangers of offshore drilling.

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2 Responses to “Spill Baby Spill”

  1. Paul Burke - Author, Journey Home

    Its called a gusher and it in no way resembles a spill – change your language – never ever refer to a gusher as a “spill” – oh oopps just a teaspoon – gushed, oozed, fissure, flow, puncture, blowout, rupture, burst, spout, break, erupt, spew, gush, vomit, overflow, run over, disgorge, flood, pour, surge, are just some of the words that tell the true tale –

  2. Millie Sheen

    Why would you put such beautiful animals in harms way? With this oil spill already killing or seriously injuring many coastal birds and sea creatures. Why would you want to have the possibility of re-creating it but in a different place? And it’s just for money isn’t it?

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