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Save Vanishing Species Stamp

This stamp will help save African and Asian elephants, marine turtles, rhinoceros, and tigers.

We may have to change the term “snail mail” to “tiger mail,” now that the U.S. Postal Service has issued a gorgeous new stamp that will benefit African and Asian elephant, marine turtle, great ape, rhinoceros, and—of course—tiger conservation.

Available in post offices nationwide on Tuesday, September 20, the Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp will sell at a premium price of 55 cents for a 44-cent, first-class stamp ($11 for a sheet of 20). The 11-cent premium will go towards wildlife conservation projects funded by the Wildlife Without Borders Multinational Species Conservation Fund (MSCF).

The stamp, designed by artist Nancy Stahl, is a beautiful illustration of an Amur tiger cub, one of the many species supported by MSCF funds. Semipostal stamps are issued to raise money for various causes and Save Vanishing Species is only the fourth semipostal stamp to be issued in the U.S. It will be on sale for at least two years.

Multinational Species Coalition Members

Defenders is a member of the Multinational Species Coalition that worked hard to pass the bill that made this stamp possible.

The stamp was released following passage of the Multinational Species Conservation Funds Semipostal Stamp Act in 2010. Defenders of Wildlife is part of the Multinational Species Coalition that worked hard to get the Act passed in Congress. The coalition is a broad-based coalition of organizations representing conservationists, zoos, circuses, sportsmen, veterinarians and animal welfare groups that support the popular and highly effective MSCF program.

While MSCF is currently funded by Congress, today’s uncertain fiscal climate may bring about cuts to these funds. The funding generated by the Save Vanishing Species stamp has the capacity to even out any gap caused by potential funding cuts, and has the ability to increase overall funds at no additional cost to the American taxpayer. The MSCF program currently provides support to over 250 grant recipients in over 75 countries.

Get Your Stamps Today!

You can help save Asian elephants, African elephants, rhinos, tigers, great apes and marine turtles by purchasing Save Vanishing Species stamps at any post office.

And if a trip to the post office is not in your near future, you can also buy them online at the USPS online store.

Stamp Unveiling

Defenders Blog author Nilanga Jayasinghe attended the unveiling ceremony and is now the proud owner of her own sheet of Save Vanishing Species stamps!