Make a Splash With This Year’s Sea Otter Awareness Week

Nine years running and still going strong. Defenders of Wildlife’s internationally recognized Sea Otter Awareness week kicked off on Sunday, Sept. 25 around the world with events and activities related to sea otter education and conservation.

The California sea otter population’s three-year average has been in decline in recent years, and awareness for the plight our playful marine friends face is even more critical this year than ever before.

But there’s hope on the horizon. The Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to end the ‘no-otter’ zone off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif. that calls for capture and relocation of sea otters that wander into these off-limit waters.

This move would give sea otters a chance to expand their range naturally into California’s southern waters—a necessary step if sea otters are to have a real shot at recovering to healthy numbers.

California sea otters face hurdles on the road to recovery: disease, habitat degradation, food scarcity, and as a recent study shows, exposure to freshwater toxins. The survival of the sea otter in California’s waters depends on public support and an increased understanding of the essential role sea otters play in nature.

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