Eden Roth: A True Defender of Wildlife

Eden Roth is a true Defender of Wildlife. This 13-year-old from Springfield, Pennsylvania loves wolves and is putting her talents to work to conserve them. She launched Pillows 4 Pups to raise money to donate to Defenders of Wildlife for our efforts to conserve wolves in the wild. Eden says, “The goal for this project is to raise money (by selling pillows) and donating the money to help wolves. The money will be used to buy radio collars to track the wolves and make sure they are in no danger. Or, the money can pay for a day rancher who will watch over sheep herds and make sure no wolves come near or get harmed. There are many things that the money can go toward that will benefit the wolves’ protection.”

We caught up with Eden to learn more about her unique project to help wolves.

Eden, how long have you had an interest in wolves? What triggered it?

I have always had an interest in wolves, but when my mom showed me a video of the wolves being shot down on Defenders of Wildlife website, I was really upset that this was happening. So I was thinking about them for a while, and in the meantime me and my mom were sending in little donations here and there, so at least we were doing something. And I have been asking my friends for donations instead of birthday presents for many years, which I then send to Defenders. Then I got to go to a wolf sanctuary last summer in Pennsylvania, where I saw about 40 wolves. I really got to see what amazing animals they are, and how they are a lot like my dogs.

Have you ever seen a wolf in the wild? What was that like?

I haven’t seen a wolf in the wild, although I would really love to get a chance to see one in its natural habitat.

Why do you think wolves are important?

They are very important to the circle of life, ecology and the food chain. They are amazing predators and help weed out weak and sick animals. Besides that, they are smart, beautiful animals with a complicated family structure. I am fascinated at how the hierarchy works within a pack, like how there are aunts and uncles and babysitters for the pups.

What gave you the idea to start making and selling pillows for pups?

Well I made pillows here and there for other people before and just for fun. Lots of people liked them, so I said to myself  “Why don’t you make pillows and sell them—giving all proceeds to Defenders of Wildlife, toward the wolves?” I put my hobby and talent to good use.

How did you learn about Defenders of Wildlife?

I learned about Defenders of Wildlife from my mom. My whole family loves and cares about animals and the environment.

What is the goal of your pillows for pups project?

My goal was to raise about $300, so I could feel like I really did put in a lot of effort to try and save the wolves.

Do you have help from your friends and family in making and selling the pillows?

My mom helped me sell pillows at her work, although I made all the pillows and kept track of the sales. My family and friends are being really supportive, and they love that I am trying to help the wolves.

How many pillows have you sold?

I have sold about 35 pillows. That seems like a small number but when you have to make them all, it is not a small number!

How long are you going to sell the pillows?

I was planning to sell the pillows until August 18th, but I will continue to take orders if I hear from people after that.

Would you like us to tell our friends on Facebook how to purchase pillows?

Yes, it would be great. I want to raise as much money as I can, to help the wolves. They can go to my Pillows4Pups Facebook page for more details.  Of course, my mom says I have to put a limit on the number of pillows I commit to, since school is starting! I will post on my Facebook page when I am not able to take any more orders.”

What grade are you in?

I am 13 and am going into 8th grade this year at E.T.Richardson Middle School in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

What other interests do you have?

I play viola and piano. I play in a regional youth orchestra. I also sing. I love to read, spend time with my two dogs, Dobo and Drizzle, and hang out with my friends. I watch a lot of shows on Animal Planet. I am also a vegetarian.

Do you want to go into wildlife or conservation when you get older?

Yes, that is a definite possibility for me. I am thinking about becoming a zoologist, or working at an animal sanctuary.

Thanks for all you are doing for wolves,  Eden!  We are glad there are people out there like you who really want to make a difference!

You can support Eden’s efforts to help wolves and get a gorgeous and colorful pillow for your home.  Visit Eden’s Facebook page:  Pillows 4 Pups.

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3 Responses to “Eden Roth: A True Defender of Wildlife”

  1. Linda Tuttle

    Eden, I love that you have taken such a proactive approach to helping wolves and the environment! I teach seventh graders and we have been in school for a month. You are very lucky to have such a great Mom who teaches you about caring for everyone and every creature. Way to go!!
    Thank you also Defenders of Qilslife for letting us know about this positive young lady!!

  2. Loni

    Wow, Eden you are an inspirational young woman. Infact you have inspired me to look into selling my drawings to raise funds for Defenders of Wildlife. However I will really have to see if I could do it since I’m full-time employeed.
    Keep your heart going GRRL!


  3. Gloria Chadwick

    Congratulations on your project. I hope you inspire more of your friends to defend our planet’s neighbors. Often humans forget how wonderful the world is because of the shared life we live. Being human is being aware of who we are and what we can do to keep our planet healthy for future generations.

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