87,000 Defenders Speak for the Trees

Wolverines, grizzly bears, fishers, frogs, owls and more will face an uncertain future on our nation’s forests if the Obama administration’s proposed forest plan goes unchallenged.

But thanks to the more than 87,000 Defenders, who spoke for the trees and submitted comments to the U.S. Forest Service asking for stronger wildlife protections, there is reason for hope.

Since February, Defenders members and supporters have been helping to get the word out about how the proposed changes to the National Forest Management Act forest-planning rule will weaken long-standing protections for wildlife.

In an impressive showing of support, many advocates took time off from their everyday lives to attend public meetings held by the Forest Service, voiced concerns with their congressional leaders, and wrote letters to their local newspapers.

The forest-planning rule lays out the “rules of the road” for how the Forest Service is supposed to manage 155 national forests and 20 grasslands, guiding forest managers as they decide which areas of the forest should be protected for wildlife and which can be safely logged.

Plenty Is at Stake

A spotted owl finds refuge in the Apache National Forest in Arizona. National forests have more intact populations of rare species than any other federal land system, providing habitat for some 3,400 sensitive species.

The Forest Service manages some 193 million acres of public lands (an area as big as Texas) which provide a lifeline for one-fifth of federally protected threatened and endangered species and provide millions of Americans with drinking water.

There’s Still Time to Act

The public comment period on the Obama administration’s proposed forest plan expires May 16.

Help us reach our goal of 100,000 comments. Tell the Forest Service you want to protect wildlife on our nation’s forests.

6 Responses to “87,000 Defenders Speak for the Trees”

  1. claire

    In my area, fields and forests along the outskirts of cities are being torn down in large areas. Every few weeks I spot a red fox by th side of the road, which was hit by traffic, a sign that their burrows are being destroyed. With each sighting it feels as though a peace of my heart is torn apart. What of nature, of life are we leaving as legacy to our children!!???? Showing no respect for wild-life is as devastating as a tsunami!!!!!!

    • Lorilu

      Dear Claire,

      I’m sorry that fields and forests are being destroyed. My heart breaks whenever I see any animal become a “by-product” of “developments” also.

      This is not an acceptable way to “develop” communities.
      “Development” needs to function in conjunction with our Planet Earth, and that does not include destruction for the sake of individual economical gain.

      God bless you and your community.

  2. Dennis

    you are right. it is sickening. obama seems neither to “get” it, nor to care. he is a city slicker who in my opinion is no better than bush. he has failed to protect the gray wolf, he seems oblivious to the need for wildlife and forest protection. the day salazar got appointed i knew we’d lost. it is heart-rending to see the woods and fields i loved as a kid turned into housing developments. but we are in the minority. the name of the game in america is make money and do it without regard to what you destroy. against greed there seems to be no way to win.

  3. Gloria

    I believe that Greedy, disgusnting people like the Republicans are not giving votes to stop this and Obama has to follow what the House
    of Representatives have to say. Chenney go out and hunts ducks and It’s okay to have a riffle to kill innocent animals just the same way they destroy forest and National Parks, our Oceans and Glaciars for oil. Who are responsable for this? God made animals so We could
    enjoy them on Earth and They are God’s Divine Creation. There is so much abuse with animals, nature and our Planet. Soon, very soon!!
    We will have so many changes on earth and our time will come and to those whom have done so much damage to our Precious Earth will be so sorry! Even the richiest men on Earth will eat roaches and dirt. All will be gone. A world cataclysm will not have pity. A tsunami will not have pity and any natural disaster will not have pity. Enjoy what
    you have now and don’t be selfish. Earth is nobodys property. Only God is the only owner of his planet Earth. Don’t betrayed God’s creation. don’t be cruel to animals, don’t be selfish and share your planet with other innocent cretures. soon we will not have nothing left.!!!!!

  4. casandra umstead

    This is just another example of the Obama administration….letting go all the hard work done in this country …to protect of our environment and wild life which sustains our even existence… once again big government have stepped in… this strip away everything good and beautiful in this country!!! the National Forest Management Act.. is a threat to our health and well being of this country!!” please start educating yourself and take a stand for your country …..stop big government!!!! before it’s too late!!”

  5. ernie

    animals in the wild or rather their normal enviroment should not be collateral damage for human developement

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