Obama Fails to Acknowledge Wildlife Losses in BP Anniversary Statement

Oiled pelicansIn President Obama’s acknowledgment today of the one-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and resulting oil disaster, he failed to mention the enormous losses sustained by the Gulf ecosystem – not only to a fishing-dependent economy but to the thousands of animals killed or harmed by toxic oil and dispersants that persist in natural habitats even today.

Defenders’ president and CEO, Rodger Schlickeisen, said, “The president’s failure to acknowledge the tragic loss and continued impacts on wildlife and natural habitat in the Gulf left a gaping hole in today’s statement. This oil spill is the biggest environmental disaster in our history, and the president should have recognized the ongoing harm being caused.

Rodger Schlickeisen

Defenders of Wildlife President Rodger Schlickeisen

“Oil continues to wash up on beaches and pollute coastal marshes. And we can only hope that for many of the Gulf species, including pelicans, endangered sea turtles, numerous migratory birds, dolphins, bluefin tuna and other marine fish species, the spill will not be the final blow to their prospects for long-term survival. As far as we can tell now, the region’s coastal and marine environments may never be the same.

“We are dismayed that in the year since this huge, human-caused disaster occurred, the Obama administration has still not pushed for legislation that would reform a badly broken offshore drilling system and ensure protection for workers, wildlife and the waters on which we all depend. President Obama must not forget that his responsibility to clean up the mess in the Gulf includes making sure such a catastrophe never again happens off of America’s coasts.”

“As far as we can tell now, the region’s coastal and marine environments may never be the same.”

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One year later, Defenders continues to fight for wildlife in the Gulf. Click here to learn more about what we’re doing and see what YOU can do to help!

3 Responses to “Obama Fails to Acknowledge Wildlife Losses in BP Anniversary Statement”

  1. John Botts

    If Defenders will compose a letter to President Obama regarding his failure to acknowledge or act on behalf of wildlife, then I would be happy to sign it. There are already a lot of negative comments being left by your readers, I do not believe this accomplishes anything. While I am not defending President Obama, we have to realize that he has done more already to try to make big oil responsible than anything done during any of the Bush years. He is fighting a vicious oil lobby as well as the Republicans that want to drill in wildlife areas. I believe he needs to be confronted on this issue the proper way. Negative comments will not accomplish anything. Please, compose a letter for all of our members to sign. Give him a chance to respond.

    • Teri

      I’ll Second that. I’d be Happy to sign a letter going to Pres Obama “regarding his failure to acknowledge or act on behalf of wildlife”.

      **Defenders, Please write a letter to Pres Obama and we will sign.

      Thank you!

    • The Ice Maiden

      Please – let’s send something to jar President Obama into action. It’s now summer of 2011 and we’ll soon be faced with voting for a Republican nominee (and corporate interests will ALWAYS be paramount to such a choice) or voting for a President who puts our environment too far down on his list of priorities.

      The e-mail campaigns are one thing, but wouldn’t it be more impactful if Defenders started a mail-a-letter campaign? If a million letters arrived at the White House within a month, wouldn’t that get someone’s attention?

      Defenders: Can you sponsor such an action? I’d send letter after letter.

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