BREAKING: Big Polluters Win in House Vote

The Environmental Protection Agency came under fire from all sides this week, specifically its authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Thankfully, the Senate voted down four provisions that would have stripped the agency of its power to protect American health and natural resources – but the House of Representatives did not follow suit.

In a vote of 255-172, the U.S. House approved a bill offered by Representative Fred Upton which completely strips EPA of all ability to regulate greenhouse gases and safeguard the nation from the impacts of climate change.

Rodger Schlickeisen, president and CEO of Defenders of Wildlife said, “Today’s House vote to strip the EPA of its ability to regulate harmful greenhouse gases clearly demonstrates that kowtowing to the selfish interests of dirty polluters is more important to its members than protecting the health of ordinary Americans. The public must hold these members accountable for voting to protect Big Oil instead of our right to clean air and water.”

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See how Defenders is working to protect American wildlife, lands and people from the harmful impacts of climate change.

3 Responses to “BREAKING: Big Polluters Win in House Vote”

  1. Mermaid Shelly

    This is terrible news… We are already in such a self-destructive cycle with our planet’s health. To lose the one way to enforce accountability is going to reap unwanted rewards. And for what? So corporations can make more money? Very disappointing.

  2. Edie Thomas

    Where can we find the official voting results? I want to be sure that the representatives in my state reflect what I see as valuable decisions and make sure they vote accordingly.

  3. Alecia Cole

    Stupid, greedy, ignorant, inhumane, selfish politicians! THEY are ruining our world. And they don’t give a rat’s ass!! How the hell did people like that get into office. I sure as hell didn’t vote for them!!! Did you?!?!

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