Two Hundred Thousand Thank Yous!

Watch our Save Something Wild video to see just some of the wildlife and wild places you’re helping us protect.


Your votes—once a week, every week for 12 weeks—helped us win $200,000 in funding from Members Project from American Express!

Two hundred thousand dollars will help us:

  • Support our on-the-ground efforts to ensure that humans and wolves can peacefully co-exist
  • Stop harmful drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—the most important onshore denning habitat for America’s polar bears
  • Work with Native American tribes and others to expand the range of wild bison
  • Protect the beach habitat that sea turtles need to survive
  • Fund rewards to capture people who illegally kill rare lynx
  • Relocate prairie dogs to protected habitat and restore their important place in prairie ecosystems
  • Plan and advocate for panther crossings to reduce the number of cats killed on Florida’s roads

And much more!

You didn’t just vote for us… you VOTED for us! From the first week of voting through to the last, Defenders received more than 80% of the votes in the Environment & Wildlife category. More than 1,500 of you became Members of our community on the Take Part website and about 2,400 of you Liked it on Facebook!

Now THAT’s what we call being a Defender of Wildlife!

On behalf of all the wildlife and wild places we’re fighting so hard to protect—on the ground, in the courts, and in Washington, D.C.—thank you. Two hundred thousand times, THANK YOU!

5 Responses to “Two Hundred Thousand Thank Yous!”

  1. Gitte løyche

    What a wonderful video! How can anyone NOT wish to defend this?

  2. Kellie Sims

    Can’t thank American Express enough for their contribution!! Makes me proud to be an American! Hasn’t been much to be proud of as of late. We know that it’s going to take alot more then just throwing alot of money at a problem as huge and widespread as this is, but it sure helps!! And Thankyou to all my fellow Defenders for their votes and their contributions!! On behalve of all wildlife that have no voice to speak-up for themselves… YAY!! Score one for the good guys!! This means sooo much to those of us who don’t have money to contribute, but we have our voices and our resolve. That counts for alot when there are sooo many trying to tear our planet apart in the name of greed… Again, THANKYOU EVERYONE!!! Kellie Sims (D.of W.)

  3. Helena

    Congratulations! I am proud to have helped with a couple of those votes! Seeing all the great organizations on their website I was weary that you’d win. That says a lot that you can come out on top!

    • Connie

      This is fantastic…and I too, added some votes, always do for Defenders of Wildlife and the animals. Congratulations!

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