Polar Bear Cubs Debut in Nuremberg Zoo

Two polar bear cubs, Gregor and Aleut, made a big debut for crowds at Germany’s Nuremberg Zoo last week. Follow the link to MSNBC’s video coverage of the event.

But while these polar bear cubs enjoy their celebrity spotlight, polar bears in the wild are facing increasingly difficult problems. Jeff Corwin, Defenders of Wildlife board member and television star, talks about the plight that polar bears in the wild are facing because of global warming in the video episode (below) of “Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin”.

Take Action to Protect the Polar Bear Seas

Polar bears on sea ice, (c) Paul NicklinThe Chukchi and Beaufort Seas—sometimes called the Polar Bear Seas—are vital to the survival of America’s threatened polar bears, walrus, bowhead whales and so many other Arctic species.

Yet Shell Oil and other companies are charging ahead with plans to industrialize this crucial area without proper protections for the amazing wildlife that could be devastated by an oil spill.

Stand up to Big Oil. Urge the Obama administration to nix new drilling in the Polar Bear Seas.