Anti-Wildlife Policy Vendetta Usurps Budget Debate

Stopping EPA regulating greenhouse gasses would be a huge blow for wildlife already impacted by climate change.

As Congress continues to debate the Federal Budget, Defenders’ Executive Vice President Jamie Rappaport Clark explains in The Huffington Post why wildlife has a whole lot more to lose in the coming weeks:

Tough Budget Choices? Judging by the Excessive Policy Riders on the Continuing Resolution, the Anti-Environmental House Majority Is Having a Ball

We’ve been hearing a lot from our leaders in Congress of late about the tough choices needed to get America’s budget cut down to size. It’s a compelling message and many House members have done a pretty convincing job of looking pained while proposing budget cuts in their Continuing Resolution (CR). But take a moment to look beyond the cuts and instead focus on the numerous policy changes proposed within the CR and it quickly becomes clear that this is not fiscal prudence at work but extreme ideology.

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