It’s Getting Hot in the Greater Everglades

Just one day before the start of the 26th annual Everglades Coalition conference, Renewal of Life for the Everglades: Moving Forward Together, Defenders and other groups that make up the Endangered Species Coalition have named the Greater Everglades Ecosystem as one of the top 10 places to save in the United States for wildlife, fish and plants on the brink of extinction in a new report.

It’s Getting Hot Out There: Top 10 Places to Save for Endangered Species in a Warming World examines how the changing climate is increasing the risk of extinction for imperiled fish, plants and wildlife, and the importance of protecting key ecosystems.

According to the report, the Greater Everglades region is one place where action to address the impacts of climate change is critical. With projected rises in sea level of three feet or more over the next century, much of the low-lying Everglades ecoregion is at risk of being submerged under water. For iconic Florida species like the panther, whose diminished population already struggles with increased development and habitat loss, such an impact could prove devastating.

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Other places to save for endangered species span the country – read the full report here.

Defenders of Wildlife is a cosponsor for the 26th Annual Everglades Coalition Conference. The conference focuses this year on wildlife, wildlife habitat and renewing productive partnerships among the governmental, scientific, private and nonprofit sectors.  Click here to learn more.

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