Eco-tip for Backyard Bird Feeding This Winter

Defenders is back with another eco-tip for your WildLifeStyle.  This month Cindy Hoffman invited us into her home where she showed us how simple it is to make some delicious homemade suet for your feathery friends to enjoy from a backyard suet feeder. 

Some birds will travel thousands of miles over the course of their winter migrations and use incredible amounts of energy doing it.  Having readily available food in people’s backyards goes a long way towards helping them conserve energy that would normally be spent foraging for food.  And conserving that energy is important because well-fed, healthier birds are more easily able to fight off infections, or cope with any contaminants that they might ingest.  The healthier we can keep them on their travels, the better off they will be when they get to their final destinations. 

We hope you enjoy the video and see you next month with another WildLifeStyle tip!