Stop the Idaho Aerial Wolf Slaughter Plan

Stop the Idaho Aerial Wolf Slaughter Plan

Idaho's wolves are in the crosshairs. You can help save them. Please take action now!

Wildlife Services is at it again: The federal wildlife killers are once again seeking to slaughter wolves from the skies in Central Idaho.

This terrible aerial gunning plan could kill hundreds of wolves in the area—all to help state officials artificially boost elk populations.

Take action now: Speak out against Wildlife Services’ terrible aerial wolf-slaughter plan for Central Idaho.

Idaho officials are claiming that wolves are the major cause of elk declines in parts of the state. But in 23 of the 29 elk management zones, populations of these animals are at or above population targets—many of the areas experiencing declines in elk numbers contain no wolves.

And the Clearwater National Forest—one of the areas targeted by Wildlife Services’ aerial gunning plan—was experiencing steep declines in elk numbers by 1988, long before wolves returned to the area.

Earlier this year, thanks to the support of tens of thousands of Defenders supporters, Wildlife Services pulled back an earlier plan seeking to gas helpless wolf pups in their dens and surgically sterilize alpha wolf pairs.

But now state officials are calling in Wildlife Services to slaughter entire wolf packs from the skies to artificially boost game populations—even as wolves remain protected under the Endangered Species Act. Speak out now to stop Wildlife Services’ wolf-killing plan—before the slaughter from the skies starts.

Wildlife Services should certainly not be in the business of artificially boosting game populations. They should be fulfilling their mission to “create a balance that allows people and wildlife to coexist peacefully.” Instead, Wildlife Services wants to expand their role as the federal government’s wildlife hitmen.

Please take action today and speak out to help stop Wildlife Services’ terrible plan to bring aerial gunning to Idaho.

7 Responses to “Stop the Idaho Aerial Wolf Slaughter Plan”

  1. Randell Talbot

    It seems quite obvious that what needs to happen next is the education of both the populace and legislators BY EXPERTS on wolves. They need to realize (if they do not already) that wolves are mainly target (above predators–like HUMANS) for supposedly decimating elk, when this simply is not true.

    The real reason is that hunters want to kill the elk themselves! They have teamed up with the NRA and other groups to twist the arms of legislators, who cave in to keep their jobs. This is not governing; it is toadying. And it is wrong.

    Ignorance is one thing. Hypocrisy, greed and mindless hate are quite another. Wolves are majestic, beautiful animals who help our ecosystem AND our enjoyment of it. Let’s not let the hunting lobby ruin the lives of these creatures.

    • Linda K

      Absolutely right. I see stickers on trucks in Idaho that say Kill a Wolf save an Elk, but they should finish the sentence, so we can Kill the Elk. Leave the wolves on the Endangerd Species List. Idaho is planning to aerial kill wolves if so, boycott Idaho, vacation elsewhere. But, not in Montana, Wyoming or Alaska.

  2. Catherine

    These animals were long here on this planet before we were,so what gives yous the right to kill them. They rid the sick and dying elk deer ect so new life may begin. They breathe the air we do ,they roam this planet as we do ,they donot polite the earth like we do,let them be,let them live their lives as the same way yous wish to live yours IN PEACE AND HARMONY. I don’t think I would want to run free in a wide open space knowing above me there was something that was going to bring my inocent life to a halt,god bless the wolf,let them live free thankyou

  3. L.P.

    If indeed the elk or similar game population have decreased, which recent statistics show no decrease, it is because man can’t keep his nose out of “adjusting nature”.
    It seems that man is the biggest reason for decline of any wild species.
    As for it being a legal sport is infuriating.

  4. ms. theodora safford

    All animals, especially wolves, deserve the right to their own survival. We, as man, must stop this brutal, senseless and cruel slaughter of all other creatures. Finding a way in which we can all coexist together in harmony is the only answer.

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